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  • How to… Apply for regional selective assistance

    29 June 2001

    The main incentive scheme for relocation projects is regional selective assistance (RSA) – a discretionary grant for projects with fixed capital expenditure of more than £500,000 that will create or safeguard employment in Assisted Areas

  • How to…Identify relocation costs

    22 June 2001

    It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming the only relocation cost that concerns a client is paying for the new property. Apart from the expense of physically relocating, some of the largest overheads are hidden

  • How to… Brief for a relocation

    15 June 2001

    Moving office can be expensive and disruptive for a company and its staff.

  • How to ..Manage a relocation project

    8 June 2001

    Companies relocate for a number of reasons, including an impending lease break or expiry, expansion, downsizing, merging or to develop a new business opportunity.

  • How to… Develop for the private rented sector

    11 May 2001

    The growth in the private rented sector is being driven by demographic changes such as the increasing number of households, changes in working patterns and greater job mobility.

  • How to... Mix residential with other uses

    11 May 2001

    Changes in the residential market and, greater acceptance of urban living and apartment living in the UK are some of the driving forces behind the growth of mixed-use developments.

  • How to ... Look out for potential pitfalls with a new site

    4 May 2001

    Before buying, get a profile of the land or building, including its history and any planning issues

  • How to ... Maximise a site's development value

    4 May 2001

    Developers who are looking to make the most of a residential site need to consider a range of factors that go well beyond planning permission

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