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    28 May 2010

    Commentary from PW's bloggers

  • Does utopia resemble a hotel lobby?

    13 May 2010

    With politics dominating the media over the past few weeks the recent publication of a report by Microsoft suggesting that organisations must adopt a ‘hybrid’ model of operation to remain “responsive to change” caught my eye - offering some light relief from the shenanigans of Westminster. My first thought was that the “Hybrid Organisation” report would prove to be an exercise in technology PR that would extol the virtues of Mic

  • Google’s Real Estate Search in the UK – it’s coming sometime (soon maybe?)

    9 April 2010

    Back in January I wrote on these pages about reports that Google was turning its attention to the UK property market and the rumours that it was looking to bring its “Real Estate Search” to these shores following its introduction in the USA and Australia.Around that time it was reported (by the BBC) that Google had briefed “30 of England's top estate agents” at the end of last year. However, Google’s Head of Property, Ben Wood, has subsequently been quoted as saying that this was actually

  • Shed loads of online property searches (and things to look out for).

    15 March 2010

    “Shed Shifters” reading this will be pleased to learn that the search levels on Google for industrial, warehousing and manufacturing properties are currently enjoying a bit of a surge, with the volume of searches in this sector during February reaching levels not seen since the first quarter of 2009.The investment, retail and office sectors also experienced an increase in search volumes in February and the overall level of the Property Search In

  • Online property searches and the buzz about Google

    15 February 2010

    In my last blog on these pages I wrote about a spike in the number of online searches regarding retail property conducted between Christmas and the New Year. Sadly, for all retail agents and landlords, I have to report that this surge was not sustained far into January and interest soon fell quite sharply, before recovering again. Taken overall the monthly score for retail property actually fell very slightly over the full month. My guess is that the surge of searches undertaken was fuel

  • No festive hangover for online property searches

    11 January 2010

    Over the past few weeks every man and his dog seems to have been speculating on what we can look forward to in the New Year and even the next decade. Those who know me well would tell you that I often have difficulty foreseeing what I am going to have for lunch, let alone predicting the future - so I'm certainly not going to try and compete with Giles Barrie's predictions on his own website.On

  • “Real-Time” Search and the property market

    15 December 2009

    Harold Wilson was once attributed with saying: “A week is a long time in politics”. Over the past week this could also be said of the world of search engines - as first Google and then, just days later, Yahoo announced that they were both launching “real-time” search features.These launches by Google and Yahoo follow a similar serv

  • Search engines – Property - Something Digital – Blah, Blah, Blah

    9 December 2009

    Everyone knows about Google.Most of us use it on a daily basis and each time we do the phrases and words that we use are recorded and collated by the world’s favourite search engine. This information is then made available to businesses and individuals choosing to advertise on Google – those bite-sized adverts that you find embedded on random web pages everywhere and that appear adjacent to the results produced whenever you press the search button.This information is published to hel

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