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Richard Tice

AREF report: no lessons learned

20 April 2017

AREF’s latest report assessing the impact of the Brexit vote on UK real estate and the funds industry is complacent and protects the vested interests of those who instructed it.

Richard Tice

REITs put open-ended property funds to shame

18 August 2016

Should the property industry be embarrassed that, post Brexit vote, some of its main domestic-property-owning institutions have been involved in a mini flash crash, caused by fundamentally flawed open-ended fund structures?

Open Source offices

Is flexible office space the answer to 2019’s increased leasing liabilities?

11 August 2016

With new rules on lease accounting on the horizon, businesses who lease their office space will face the prospect of having to list their property on their balance sheets as liabilities.


Expect the unexpected in the second half of the year

26 July 2016

The first six months of 2016 were challenging for the quoted real estate sector, ending a fantastic run of out-performance against the wider equity markets.

Toby Courtauld Chief Executive and Nick Sanderson Finance Director GPE

GPE 'well positioned to take advantage of EU Referendum opportunities'

25 May 2016

Chief executive Toby Courtauld and finance director Nick Sanderson discuss Great Portland Estates annual results including a 19.5% rise in net asset value.

David Parsley

Deloitte finally gives in to conflicts

18 April 2016

It may have been inevitable, but it took one hell of a long time to happen.

Banks and lending


UK banks regain market share after retreat

27 April 2017

UK banks and building societies regained market share in 2016 after several years of retreat, according to the 2016 year-end De Montfort UK Commercial Property Lending Report.

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Fund Management

PGIM 42 rue de Paradis

PGIM raises £1bn debt fund

27 April 2017

PGIM Real Estate has raised by far its biggest real estate debt fund to date, securing commitments totalling over £1bn for PRECap VI.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Camden Lock Market

Sagi hopes to revive Market Tech by taking firm private

28 April 2017

Market Tech - the company that owns a large slice of London’s Camden Town - is set to be taken private by majority owner Teddy Sagi’s LabTech little more than two years after its flotation.

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Property Companies


PHP boosts portfolio

26 April 2017

Primary Health Properties (PHP) has revealed it added £13.5m of acquisitions to its portfolio in its latest trading update.

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