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Call Off Duty: our demands

20 January 2017

Dear chancellor, the stamp duty regime is hurting the housing market and damaging the economy. If you really want to tackle the housing crisis, you need to Call Off Duty. Here’s how…

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Sky Lounge, the DoubleTree hotel, Leeds

Hotel food and drink: social services

21 February 2017

The limp room-service sarnie and soggy breakfast buffet - long the bane of the business traveller - may at last be about to be consigned to history.

Whiteley Shopping Centre, Hampshire

British Land: what’s in a name?

21 February 2017

Word to the wise - if you find yourself in British Land’s West End head office any time soon, don’t mention the words ‘shopping centre’ or ‘retail park’. And if you do slip up, don’t be surprised if you get a quizzical look from British Land employees.

Graph - Brexit Tracker: where are they now?

Outlook for UK commercial investment is mixed

17 February 2017

The latest data on commercial property investment paints a decidedly mixed picture of the health of the market.


M1 vs M40: motoring ahead?

16 February 2017

The M1 has been the undisputed king of logistics highways in the UK for decades. However, there is a new contender in town that is looking to steal the M1’s crown.

Rectory Farm warehouse, London

Rectory Farm: sheds going underground

15 February 2017

Nicholas King, director at Formal Investments, has a vision for a new warehouse in London that many have labelled “ambitious”. Reading between the lines, it is perhaps a polite way of saying the idea is complicated, daring, brave, foolish, crazy even.

3PL sheds artwork

Third-party logistics providers: the space race

14 February 2017

These days even die-hard Luddites are shopping on their smartphones. Technology is transforming the way people buy goods and that is transforming the logistics sector.

Pension funds

Pension funds: in need of a better plan?

10 February 2017

UK pension funds have always liked putting money into property, but they don’t invest anywhere near as much as you might think.

Five Guys

Why more US chains are grabbing a bite of the UK market

16 February 2017

It is more than 20 years since the cult movie Pulp Fiction introduced audiences to the concept of premium milkshakes. In a pivotal scene set in a retro diner, Uma Thurman’s character orders a $5 (£4) shake, much to the astonishment of her date.

Comptoir Libanais restaurant, Soho

From ticket tout to restaurateur: the rise of Tony Kitous

16 February 2017

Tony Kitous came to London on holiday from Algeria in 1988 at the age of 18 with just £70 in his pocket and nowhere to stay. He never left.

Southern Railway

Southern train strikes putting commercial development at risk

10 February 2017

Southern Railway did not have a great reputation for reliability to begin with, but the long-running dispute with the RMT and ASLEF unions over the roles of conductors and drivers has shredded what little reputation it had.

Parkway Station

GEN² and Kent council pioneer new property management approach

10 February 2017

The public sector has never had it so tough. Swingeing central government funding cuts over the past few years have seen many local authorities slash services to the bone.

Sky Central, London

Progressive workplace design meets Sky’s high standards

10 February 2017

A move to a new office is a headache for any occupier. But what if that move involves relocating 3,500 staff to a purpose-built office so long it is effectively a 31-storey skyscraper on its side, and helping those staff transition to an activity-based working environment?

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