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Let us create buildings that make people feel better

With even the famously stiff-upper-lipped Royal Family opening up about their mental health, it seems the stigma surrounding the topic is finally beginning to fade away, so it was heartening to see the property industry come out so strongly recently for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules on importance of ability to demonstrate a five-year housing supply

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court handed down a judgment that will have profound implications for the development of green-belt land.

York floods

Q&A: Dr Torolf Hamm and Edward Brown on how the real estate industry is tackling climate risk

Last month, a major new report on climate risk by insurance broker Willis Towers Watson called for tougher stress testing, among other measures, in order to tackle what it called the growing global climate resilience gap.

Digital Economy Act

Landowners' income may drop under Digital Economy Act

Emma Broad and Carla Revelo explain the changes to the new electronic communications code and how they will affect landowners.

Interchange, Camden

Q&A: What can participants expect from this year’s Green Sky Thinking events?

The Green Sky Thinking programme returns on 15 May for a week of events across London for built environment and property professionals.


Let's match Whitehall's drive to create more apprenticeships

Once seen as the younger, lesser-known sibling of the undergraduate degree, apprenticeships have not always had the easiest time finding the limelight. However, as university tuition becomes increasingly expensive, apprenticeship schemes seem increasingly to be viewed as better-value alternatives.

Building site woman

Q&A: New Women in Property chair calls for more role models and mentors

Brenda Jones isn’t your typical property professional. The Association of Women in Property’s (WiP’s) new national chairman started out studying for a degree in social and political science and once entertained thoughts of a career as a social worker. These days, however, she works as a technical director in project management services at multi-disciplinary consultancy WSP.

Mark Higgin

Q&A: RICS aims to crack down on unscrupulous rating agents with new code

It has been obvious for some time that the business rates system is open to abuse. But the abuse is not typically inflicted by occupiers seeking to unfairly avoid the property tax.

Healthy office

Why landlords must take the lead on health and wellbeing

The air we breathe is under growing scrutiny. In January, the first ‘very high’ air pollution alert issued in London since the election of Sadiq Khan as mayor generated a lot of headlines.


Q&A: technology has power to make or break London’s transport system

London is at a crossroads when it comes to transport. That’s the message contained in a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank.

Property Case News

Legal consultation

Relying on section 49 LPA 1925 – can you be rock solid?

The payment of a deposit by a buyer to a seller under a contract for sale is a fundamental part of a transaction since it comprises the “consideration” that all first year law students learn is necessary – along with offer and acceptance – for the formation of a binding agreement between parties.

Legal consultation

Property tycoon facing £611m debts loses high court battle

A property tycoon facing debts of £611m has lost a High Court battle with creditors over an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) that would have seen creditors receive seven pence for every pound owed.

Julian Bisson

Preparation will help landlords avoid service charge pitfalls

Service charges have the potential to become a fairly contentious issue between landlords and tenants. Indeed, an intermediate landlord recently faced litigation over the reasonableness of the amounts claimed.

Cotton production

Court of Appeal shakes up contract law

A recent Court of Appeal judgment, MSC v Cottonex (2016), has clarified the law around repudiatory breaches of contracts, specifically the ability (or inability) of an innocent party to affirm a contract where a repudiatory breach has occurred.

Kate Nyakecho

The ‘vacant possession’ pitfall of ending a commercial lease

Commercial tenants with a ‘vacant possession’ break clause in their lease run the risk of nullifying the termination of the lease by failing to properly remove all their belongings from the premises - even down to internal walls and floor coverings - a recent ruling by the High Court has found.

Georgina Squire dispute resolution at Rosling King

Landmark judgment for lenders on negligent valuation case (1 July 2016)

The Court of Appeal has issued a landmark judgment in a professional negligence case setting a new precedent by changing the legal principle of causation.

Legal consultation

Supreme Court rules in landmark human rights law possession case (16 June 2016)

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Human Rights Act does not apply in possession claims between private parties, preventing a major expansion of human rights into private contractual disputes.

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