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Whole Foods Market

Amazon is less slayer and more saviour of food retail property

21 July 2017

When Amazon announced its intention to acquire top-end American grocery chain Whole Food Markets (WFM) for just $14bn (£10.7bn) last month, the facial expressions of a lot of real estate magnates with a presence in the retail space would have been interesting to see.


UK's retail sector is still very much open for business

21 July 2017

Recent political and societal events in the UK have put a dampener on our summer and, if we look back at the past six months, London and the rest of the UK have certainly been through the mill.

Wellington Place, Leeds

No summer break for real estate investors

21 July 2017

The end of H1 typically marks the start of the summer recess, but this year it seems the UK and European real estate markets do not want to take the traditional break. Global capital remains extremely active with domestic and global investors undeterred by continuing political instability.

Jean-Marc Vandevivere

Teaming with BTR backers a win-win for councils

18 July 2017

With local authorities struggling with central government cuts, it’s unsurprising many have turned to commercial property as an alternative source of income, as shown by Woking Borough Council’s purchase of Dukes Court last week


Build-to-rent will be key to solving the housing crisis

14 July 2017

Britain’s broad property sector was hit with uncertainty after last year’s Brexit referendum – and the outcome of this year’s general election has done little to calm the nerves of investors concerned about the outlook for UK property.


The end of boom and bust – sounds too good to be true?

14 July 2017

Sorry to disappoint you, but the objective of the Property Industry Alliance (PIA) Long-term Value paper is not “to end property booms and busts”.

Circular Building London Design Festival

Buildings can be designed with the recycling of their materials in mind

14 July 2017

Things are starting to change in the way property and infrastructure assets are managed. The ‘circular economy’ provides a framework for us to think about how we use materials and how we get the most value from them over time.

Rail freight

Rail freight has huge untapped potential for logistics

14 July 2017

Although the past year has been a time of political drama across Europe and in the UK, one area that has stayed resolutely stable is the logistics property sector.

Guy Montague-Jones

Department stores must innovate to survive

21 July 2017

Department stores are having to get creative. Store sales are under pressure because of the shift to online retail, the rise of Amazon and our increasing preference for spending money on experiences rather than things.

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SO Resi will help people understand shared ownership

20 July 2017

As revealed by Property Week last week, Thames Valley Housing is changing the way it communicates its shared ownership offer and re-branding its shared ownership homes ‘SO Resi by Thames Valley Housing’.

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