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Harnessing the spend of the baby boomer generation

16 November 2017

Groundhog Day - sorry, the Budget - is upon us again. Far from freeing up the green belt, turning up borrowing for social housing or seed-funding modular factories, we’re likely to see more pointless demand-side levers or the training of more brickies (a bit like shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic).

To Let sign

Ban on letting fees is unlikely to help anyone

8 November 2017

Having spent time since the general election deliberating over how best to help first-time buyers, it was nice to see the government finally returning its attention to renters this week with its draft Tenant Fees Bill.

Interest rates

Interest rate rise is no cause for panic

7 November 2017

There seems to be some panic, or at least disagreement, over whether the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee was right to declare the first interest rates rise for over a decade last week.


Without homes there is unrest

31 October 2017

I was interested to read Hugo Llewelyn’s article: ‘It’s time to sacrifice profits to rebalance society’.

Leader cutout

It is essential we call out unacceptable behaviour

27 October 2017

Liz Hamson’s leader last week was a welcome call for the property sector to look at the issue of sexual harassment and ask itself the question: how many Harvey Weinsteins are there in our industry?


Traditional firms willing to share

20 October 2017

Guy Montague-Jones’s source, who likened getting traditional commercial property firms to share data to “herding cats”, makes a sound point.

Queens House scheme, Twickenham

Investors showing faith in shared-ownership schemes

11 October 2017

I was surprised to see in Samantha Partington’s report that understanding of shared ownership is worse than previously thought as there is clear evidence that investment in shared-ownership schemes is the next big thing.

Theresa May

Too many unanswered questions in Theresa May speech

5 October 2017

Theresa May’s announcement on new money for social housing – and that she will take personal charge of re-igniting home ownership again in Britain - will be welcomed.

Jeremy Corbyn new

‘Fuller form of rent control’ is never successful

4 October 2017

It is hard to know exactly what Jeremy Corbyn means when he talks about “rent controls”.

New York skyline

Perfect time to take a sabbatical

3 October 2017

In a week when we took a step closer to World War III, took a step back towards socialism with Jack White… sorry, Jeremy Corbyn, demanding rent caps, while his London mayor banned Uber, I was glad to see a few chinks of light prick through the gloom in your ‘Fairytale of New ...

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