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Steve Curran Quartermile

Placemaking key to thriving Scottish towns and cities

29 March 2017

There has been a lot of talk about the growth of the nascent BTR housing market in Scotland in recent months, but very little about the importance of communities.

Leadenhall Building

Overseas investors press home advantage of weak pound

29 March 2017

While the debate about the implications, meaning and form of Brexit runs on, one effect is clear - the fall in the pound following the UK’s decision to leave the EU has attracted new overseas investors to the UK property market eager to take advantage of the favourable exchange rates.


Need for extra workers is opportunity for industry

24 March 2017

Estimates suggest 400,000 workers will be needed each year for the next five years if the government is to meet its housebuilding targets. We believe that this should be seen as an opportunity for both workers and companies in the industry.


Are SMEs ready for faster building?

23 March 2017

As Alex Morton’s recent column highlights, the government’s white paper marks a significant moment for the UK housing sector.

Go Native serviced appartment

Customer focus essential to BTR

23 March 2017

I read with interest Barry Jessup’s piece last week on some of the challenges ahead in the nascent develop-to-rent sector.

Grey pound illustration

Retailers must learn to lure ‘the grey pound’

21 March 2017

As Mia Hunt highlights, Generation Zs’ and Baby Boomers’ differing life experiences and influences have formed their attitudes and outlooks on life. But we are all looking for the same thing from a retail experience. Just that - an experience.

Property measurement

Three cheers for government endorsement of IPMS

17 March 2017

It is pleasing to see the government endorse the use of the International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS) in its State of the Estate Report: 2015 to 2016.

Care home

Planners can’t ignore growing need for care homes

15 March 2017

You rightly draw attention to the lack of provision of care homes and beds and highlight both the economic pressures driving smaller homes to close, and the high costs of constructing new ones.

Mentoring apprentice

More apprentices can only be good for business

3 March 2017

As Ray Palmer suggests in his recent column, “we need to do more to nurture tomorrow’s stars”, and with the apprenticeship levy coming into effect in April 2017, this is more true than ever.


Squatting case highlights supply problem in London

3 March 2017

Stacy Eden highlights the point that increasing supply is the only way to solve the housing problem (03.02.17).

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