Grow your business with Planning Intelligence
Planning Intelligence is an email service delivering planning application data
direct to your inbox every week specified by region and sector.

Subscribers to the service will receive weekly emails with details of all significant developments, covering new build, extension or significant refurbishments tracked from planning application to approval.

Reports cover all regions across England, Scotland and Wales in the following sectors:

  • Residential developments of 6 or more units
  • Retail and commercial buildings over 200 sq m
  • Hotels and Leisure developments
  • Industrial buildings

We now offer a bespoke Greater London residential service which provides even deeper levels of detail drilling down to developments of 3 units and above.

Other property consultants, investors and developers are already benefiting from this service, and you could benefit too. Don’t let your competitors win the new business before you’ve had a chance. Make sure Planning Intelligence is part of your plans.
Contact us to discuss your particular requirement or arrange a demonstration.

Please contact us on 020 7560 4051 if you wish to subscribe. You can also find out more about the service, discuss your particular requirements or arrange a demonstration on the same number or via planningintelligence@propertyweek.com

Example of a Planning Intelligence report

Pi Sample

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What information is available?
Status: approval/consent
Client: name/contact details
Planner: name/contact details
Details: application/status
Application date: last updated and submitted date
Council Reference
Local Authority: E.g. Staffordshire
Location: full address
Data is also available in CSV format.