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Theresa May

May pledges ‘new generation of council homes’

15 May 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to help councils build thousands of new homes for social rent.

Legal consultation

Supreme Court boost for housing in absence of local plans

10 May 2017

A Supreme Court ruling has provided a potential boost to developers seeking planning permission for housing where the local authority has no local plan in place.


MPs call for end to 'housebuilding oligopoly'

2 May 2017

A committee of MPs has recommended that the dominance of large volume house-builders needs to be reduced if the UK is to increase the number of homes that are built.


BPF launches long-term tenancy pledge for build-to-rent

18 April 2017

The British Property Federation has handed government a three-year pledge stating that it will support longer-term tenancies in the build-to-rent sector.