• Prefab modular construction

    Time to broaden the modular debate


    Editor: Modular housing has been thrust into the spotlight once again with the arrival of Ikea to the sector. The recent momentum will be music to the ears of those with ambitious housing targets .

  • Amazon Go store

    What is really driving Amazon's new bricks-and-mortar strategy?


    Simon Creasey asks why online retailer Amazon is so determined to build a bricks-and-mortar presence at such a challenging time for the high street

  • Eccleston Yards, London

    Central Working CEO on why the traditional office lease is dead


    Central Working’s Grant Powell tells Property Week why traditional offices are dead and how it is looking to the hospitality sector to inspire the flexible space of the future. 

  • James Thornton - Mayfair Cap

    The last of its kind: interview with James Thornton


    Mayfair Capital co-founder James Thornton says regulatory pressure means there’s not much of a future for small fund managers. But as he tells Guy Montague-Jones, thanks to Swiss Life, it’s a different story for his firm

  • Financial crash

    How beach body ready are you?


    The next major end-of-cycle crash in commercial property values will almost certainly not happen for some time. But if I am wrong and the crash is imminent, the way the market is behaving is very definitely different this time.

  • Solar panels

    Pursuing a net-zero carbon footprint means there is nowhere to hide


    Theresa May’s plans to introduce legacy legislation to reduce UK carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 means the property industry has nowhere to hide and all involved must step up their plans to mitigate carbon emissions across their portfolios immediately.

  • Lidl

    Lidl expansion offers opportunities for investors


    Editor: Last week, discount retailer Lidl announced it was to create 40 new London stores as part of a £500m expansion plan (‘ Lidl unveils £500m expansion plans for London ’).

  • Financial Investment

    P2P lending rules should be welcomed


    Editor: The new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules for governing the burgeoning peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector should be welcomed by the industry, especially in the current climate (‘ FCA reveals new P2P rules days after Lendy collapses ’). However, they are not enough.

  • Online shopping

    Don’t penalise online retailing


    There have been several people calling for online retailers to be levied with a new sales tax to support the struggling high street.

  • Women at work

    Take responsibility for diversity


    Liz Hamson’s leader ( ‘It’s not about us, it’s about you ’) resonated with us at Women in Property. She said: “We will endeavour to make our editorial content as diverse as possible… but I will not and cannot manufacture diversity.” How right she is.