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  • Boxpark Wembley Park

    Retail's evolution into other dimensions


    It is no secret that retail has been having a hard time. The perfect storm of online competition, business rates and changing consumer habits has conspired to make the high street a tough place to compete. Part of the issue has been the historic focus on three-dimensional physical space; part ...

  • Store sale

    Finance is key to retail survival


    EY’s latest profit warnings data shows that firms in the FTSE General Retailers Index issued 36 profit warnings in 2018, the highest annual total since 2011 and 50% more than in 2017.

  • Regent Street

    Politicians crush confidence


    The stoicism of the British shopper has been reaffirmed since the EU referendum. Putting rabid remainers and leavers to one side – people who frankly deserve each other (Jacob Rees-Mogg and Anna Soubry should help the nation by eloping and going somewhere else) – despite the wearing political chaos, folks ...

  • Work space

    SMEs want their name in lights


    Competitive markets, the war to recruit the best talent and high expectations from employees mean there’s a lot for businesses to contend with when it comes to achieving their ambitions. Workplace cultures are evolving and businesses are having to adapt to accommodate these changing demands.

  • Las Vegas

    Tech lessons from Las Vegas


    Across the commercial real estate landscape, a human-centric design ethos is emerging. For technology to play an important part, it will need to show how it can add value to an office space and do it at scale.

  • Co-working

    Future of work will be about wellbeing not productivity


    Araceli Camargo on making buildings and staff work in harmony

  • Boxpark, Wembley Park

    How to survive the retail apocalypse


    Many of the best brains connected with the retail sector – brands, landlords, agents and advisers – will gather for the Property Week seminar on Thursday 2 May at Boxpark Wembley. Currently, the sector is going through a major evolution. Indeed, the national media is, seemingly, filled with stories ...

  • Shops

    The hanging Sword of Damocles


    Like peeling back the skin of an onion, each layer of the property investment market reveals something different about the state of play and, unless you have prepared properly, you may well end up in tears.

  • Service charges

    Finding a service charge solution


    I’m ignoring Brexit. Despite having been an MP for 15 years, a minister for five and a former party vice-chairman, I haven’t a clue what will have happened by the time you read this. I am reassured by the knowledge that nobody from the prime minister down knows either.

  • hammond

    The Spring Statement: not the game-changer we need


    Amid the Brexit chaos, Philip Hammond revealed unexpected funding for the housing sector last week – a £3bn boost to the affordable homes guarantee programme.