Expert comment

  • Abundance Homes

    Thinking out of the box to ease housing and urban challenges in 2019


    Homes England is now the only government housing agency tasked with solving the housing issue and has £1bn in funding to support ‘disruptive behaviour’ to help find solutions.

  • Bargate Quarter

    PRS predictions for 2019


    The private rented sector will always see its fair share of successes as well as schemes that don’t perform as well - 2019 will see it continue to be an emerging asset class where early investors don’t have an established game plan to follow.

  • Brexit

    Investing in commercial property: beware the Brexit clause?


    Last month saw an apocalyptic picture painted about the impact of Brexit. The Bank of England warned that commercial property values could fall 48% in the event of a No-deal – worse than the global financial crisis – and even a more “orderly” Brexit could see a 27% drop.

  • Proptech

    Real collaboration between property and tech is key


    At a recent roundtable on the proptech agenda convened by housing minister Kit Malthouse, I was asked to give an overview of some of the challenges. Encapsulating the issues outlined below was a challenge in itself!

  • Prime Central London

    Prime central London is still the hot ticket


    It’s astonishing how much noise there is around the supposed demise of the prime central London (PCL) residential market, when in fact the statistics prove it’s one of the best-performing and most resilient UK residential property classes. As a prime property finance provider with deep experience

  • Social housing

    Social housing loses out to home ownership fixation


    When you think ‘social tenant’ or ‘social rent’, the word ‘subsidised’ is never too far away. Characterisation of social tenants as underprivileged and a burden on the state remains commonplace. The government’s social housing green paper reported that 90% of social housing residents felt the media

  • Theresa May

    Brexit-neutral candidates will have edge in any Tory leadership challenge


    It may well be the most significant issue for the UK in decades but there is no point in my writing about what happens next in the saga known as Brexit because I haven’t the vaguest idea where we are headed and nor, more to the point, does anyone from the prime minister downwards – always assuming

  • Circus Street Brighton

    PBSA - fortune favours the brave


    Opportunities in the UK’s purpose-built student accommodation market will continue to exist post-Brexit, but not for the faint-hearted.

  • Smithfield, Birmingham

    The rise of Birmingham


    After a decade of growth, London no longer has a stranglehold on UK property investment and development.

  • Brexit

    Job growth figures paint positive picture for finance offices


    While press speculation over Brexit gradually builds to a frenzy and speculation mounts over the potential damage that leaving the EU could do to London’s financial services industry, London’s economy is secretly doing surprisingly well.