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  • London skyline

    City's future is about more than just tall buildings


    People are often surprised to hear me say that great cities are not made from great buildings alone, given that I’m chairman of a committee responsible for many schemes that define London’s skyline.

  • Brexit

    PRS is well placed to weather a 'no deal' Brexit storm


    It’s hard to remember a time when Brexit didn’t dominate the news and irrespective of political stance, it’ll be a nice respite when it’s no longer in the headlines every day.

  • Tom Bloxham NEW november 2018

    Ideas not land are the building blocks for today’s housing entrepreneurs


    “Where are the new Lawrie Barratts?” incoming housing minister Kit Malthouse beseeched his audience at Property Week ’s RESI Conference in September. 

  • Generic finance graph fall

    A downturn may be coming but we're not at code red yet


    The recent 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse prompted a range of reflective articles – including in this publication – looking at this event’s significance as one of the first major manifestations of the global financial crisis and the start of a particularly testing time of instability.

  • Slate Yard

    BTR can drive complex urban regeneration


    Placemaking and build to rent (BTR) are two of the industry’s most talked-about trends, but are we really doing enough to recognise the natural bedfellows these two can make?

  • Cursitor Building London Deka

    WeWork hipsters work the TRADS room


    “Hi! We are the pretentious tossers,” cried Greg Miley, director of Broker and Real Estate Partnerships for Europe, Israel and Australia at WeWork, as he bounded out in front of an audience of dark-suited agents, a bearded pocket dynamo and one-time footballer in skinny jeans, his reddish hair scrunched in ...

  • John Lewis Milton Keynes warehouse

    A six-point solution for managing agents


    The role of the traditional managing agent is in peril. We believe they must embrace risk and innovation if they are to survive.

  • Kate Spade Augmented Reality

    How technology is changing the landscape of shopping centres


    Everyone knows technology has been playing an increasing role in the retail industry over the past few years, helping the industry with everything from enriching the customer experience and getting shoppers in the door to entertaining them once they’re in and helping them to share their experience with others.

  • Autonomous cars

    Time to plan our journey to a post-car future


    Much has been said about the major disruptive elements facing the real estate industry, namely increased government intervention, a changing retail environment and intervention from the world’s leading tech companies.

  • London houses

    Autumn Budget: trick or treat?


    With a distinct chill in the air and with only two days before Halloween, did an increasingly ghoulish-looking chancellor deliver more tricks or treats for the property sector?