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  • Shopping mall

    Sustainable retail starts in store


    The evolution of retail has long been a hot topic, with experiential and technological innovations at the forefront of the conversation when we look at the future of stores.

  • FCA entrance

    Open-ended funds: a tale of inertia


    With open-ended funds under scrutiny again in the wake of the Woodford scandal, Victoria Lonsdale finds there is little prospect of the regulatory reform needed to prevent a re-run of the 2016 crisis

  • Self-driving car

    Smart mobility drives smart cities


    Modern urban logistics and transport networks are under pressure from many sources. According to PwC, people will continue to migrate from rural areas to cities and by 2050 the urban population will have increased by 75%.

  • Euston HS2

    We need positive news on HS2


    I will declare straight away that I have a specific interest in seeing HS2 confirmed and supported by our ‘new’ Tory government. Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC), of which I am the chairman, would face a very uncertain and different future if the HS2 station proposed for ...

  • Amsterdam

    RESI convention 2019: Will the retail-to-resi dream become reality?


    Bringing residential back into the heart of our towns and cities could pump life into our struggling high streets and help solve the housing crisis – but it is not as easy as it sounds

  • Hampstead Heath lido

    Warm weather should be cue to create better cities


    Editor: Summer in the city brings out the best and the worst of our urban lives. I can cycle to work in warm weather, walk to meetings with no umbrella and enjoy the long evening light outside. Congested cycle lanes, stuffy transport and overcrowded outdoor spaces are the trade-off.

  • Myo space 123 Victoria Street

    What next for the co-working sector?


    Editor: Over the past seven years, we have seen the meteoric rise of serviced offices and co-working operators such as WeWork and The Office Group taking long-term leases and buying freeholds .

  • Keir Starmer

    Expect an election by Christmas


    Not much happens in politics in August. The few decent political programmes go off air and we indulge in what is known in the trade as the silly season – when the aftermath of Love Island is more prominent in public discourse than global warming.

  • Climate change

    Climate change is a planning consideration


    In October 2017, William McLennan applied for planning permission for solar panels on his property in Kent. 

  • Rent signs

    Changing perceptions of industry


    A recent perception audit commissioned by the British Property Federation (BPF), the first of its kind across the UK property industry, provided a hard-hitting reality about how our industry is regarded.