Property Week Group Subscriptions

Group subscriptions

What is a group subscription?
A group subscription is a service for companies that require multiple print, digital or premium subscriptions - helping you to save time, hassle and money by combining them into one company wide subscription. This is available for those companies with existing subscriptions or for new customers.

Who is eligible for a group subscription?
If you have five or more employees in your company who require a subscription then you are eligible to set up a group subscription.

What digital services do we provide?
We can set up multiple digital subscriptions for your organisation, as well as a bespoke company wide access service. This will allow your staff unlimited access to our website from your office location(s) for a set period. Contact us on the details below to discuss this further.

What is the cost?
Prices are negotiable depending on volume of accounts. There is no extra charge for being managed by our dedicated group subscription account manager.

Key group subscription benefits
  • Easily manageable – you have the option of requesting to receive only one invoice
  • Competitive rates – as a corporate client you will receive more competitive rates than for an individual subscriber
  • Save time, hassle and money - if you currently have multiple copies going to your organisation that are paid for separately and expire at different dates, by becoming a group subscriber your new and current subscriptions will be synched so that they all expire on one date.
One to one account management
  • Individual service - you will have a dedicated account manager who will support and help you resolve all your requirements. You will have one person to speak to about your account rather than calling our contact centre providing you a one to one service.
  • Any name or address changes can be made at any time via your dedicated account manager.
  • Maximise value – our account managers will ensure that each subscription is utilised by your staff fully, for example instructing them how they can make the most of their online access alongside their print, digital or premium subscription.
  • New subscriptions can be added at any point and prorated to your common expiry date
What do you get for your subscription?
  • 49 print editions
  • 49 digital editions
  • Unlimited access to providing up to the minute news coverage and database transactions with access to the latest breaking news stories
  • Exclusive mobile access
  • Print supplements (print and premium subscriptions only)
  • Unrivalled customer service offering a quick turnaround with your requests
How do I sign up?
To find out more about how you and your company can benefit from a group subscription or renew a current group subscription please contact our group subscriptions sales manager John Richards on 0208 253 8678 or email on