The Premier League celebrates its 25th anniversary this year - and now there is another coveted crown up for grabs.


Romelu Lukaku was the most selected player on Fantasy Premier League in week 1 - Source: Ardfern/Wikimedia

For the 2017-18 season, Property Week has launched the inaugural property-wide fantasy football league and fans from across the sector have already been clamouring to get involved.

Our entry in the official Fantasy Premier League game gained 65 sign-ups in its first week and now we’re extending the challenge to anyone in property with any level of knowledge of the beautiful game.

So if you know your Kane stats like you know crane stats, your Rooney like your resi and you want to put your Mounie where your mouth is - and maybe get one up on your favourite property journos in the process - then make sure to sign up at

It’s all to play for after an opening weekend on which more than 30 goals were scored, but for now Metropolis would like to congratulate Gary Hoskyn of Alinea Consulting for taking the early lead with a cracking opening score of 88 with his Romelu Lukaku-led Cockney Rejects.

The ultimate footballing bragging rights are now just one click away.