After the shock, the MIPIM sympathy for the Tchenguiz brothers.

Following yesterday's dramatic news of their arrest - accompanied by plenty of 'I told you so remarks', people now seem to feel sorry for Robert and Vincent.

There is a feeling that calling on 135 police to make arrests in Iceland and the UK is heavy handed in the extreme.

That the Serious Fraud Office has a woeful track record in making charges stick.

And even that the timing of the raids in MIPIM week is designed to give Robert, Vincent and property a kick in the teeth.

Accompanied by the fact that they have now been released without charge, there was today at MIPIM a view that people want to see the Tchenguiz brothers' side of events.

This one will run and run, and we will bring you more as soon as we can.

You can see my appearance on Channel Four news last night below. 

Watch Property Week TV's footage being used by Channel Four News last night