Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewar has almost 30 years experience of the construction industry as equities analyst, journalist and columnist. He writes a monthly column on the residential market for Property Week and sits on the housebuilding panel of the Experian Construction Forecasting Committee.




  • Insulate Britain protest

    Time to fight carbon with carbon


    Are you, like me and most Brits, trying to do your bit to save the planet, but totally hacked off by the nihilistic tactics of Insulate Britain? Can I suggest a way to stop the lunatics from gluing themselves to the M25: next time they pounce, turn the heating up ...

  • RESI 2021

    RESI Convention ushered in a hybrid future


    I really must get out more. That realisation dawned on me and possibly everyone else at last week’s RESI Convention, held on terra firma at Celtic Manor on 8 to 9 September rather than via the cloud.

  • Steel piles building site

    Builders left bitter by share slide


    “We announced fantastic results, our order book went up strongly, we increased the land bank and our net cash position soared. And guess what? Our shares went down.”

  • Housebuilding

    Wall of money needs a home


    “There’s a wall of money looking for a home,” a financier told me after one in a flurry of recent private equity-funded acquisitions. Where better a home for these billions than in, well, homes?

  • For sale sign

    Ditch the sou’wester for shades


    “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” a now newly octogenarian Bob Dylan howled in 1965’s Subterranean Homesick Blues. As for housing, you definitely don’t need an economist to know which way prices are going.

  • Housebuilding

    Land scarcity sparks costs surge


    Things couldn’t get rosier for the housebuilders, it would seem. Sales volumes and prices are up, irrespective of dwindling government support.

  • Darlington

    A levelling-up boost for housing


    By ‘eck, the BBC is to drag swathes of its London staff up North and the regions in the name of the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda. It’s bound to price some locals out of the market. And not just for their macchiatos.

  • Dutch brick houses

    Why we should stick with bricks


    The government’s obsession with modern methods of construction (MMC) seems to know no bounds. Even the chancellor is now a convert. However, I still harbour a heretical allegiance to the most ancient method of construction – brick.

  • Aluminium cladding

    Cladding victims get stung again


    The headlines were improving for Number 10. Britain’s vaccine roll-out was, as Ursula von der Leyen admitted, a ‘speed boat’ to the EU’s ‘tanker’ and Boris was seen as having relocated his mojo.

  • Raphael Rooms, Vatican

    Even the Black Death had its silver lining


    The lights are once more going out all over Europe. But the darkest hours in pandemics have often heralded glorious dawns. The horrors of the Great War and even deadlier flu gave way to the Roaring Twenties; the vast social changes wrought by the Black Death ignited the Renaissance.

  • Finance chart Covid-19

    Pandemic? What pandemic?


    “Tis the season to be jolly careful,” the once ebullient Boris Johnson cautioned the nation, confirming the second lockdown would end in tiers.

  • McCarthy&Stone Retirement home PW120419_

    Corporate bids back in housing


    You wait years for corporate bids in the housing sector and then at least three come along at once. Could it be the late noughties all over again?

  • Alone in office

    Office life needs a radical rethink


    I recently spent the two least productive days since the start of lockdown. I went back to the office.

  • Farrow & Ball

    Will the housing recovery last?


    You know the housing market’s on the up when queues form outside posh paint purveyor Farrow & Ball.

  • Persimmon show homes

    The winds of change are blowing


    Persimmon, the UK’s most valuable housebuilder, has long been a hit with shareholders but anathema to politicians, journalists and rivals – who have portrayed the York-based group as synonymous with executive excess, shoddy workmanship and corporate arrogance.

  • Kidbrooke Village, Greenwich

    How Tony Pidgley built London


    Berkeley Group founder Tony Pidgley was, along with Sir Lawrie Barratt, one of the two giants of modern housebuilding – an industry they both, in differing ways, were largely responsible for fashioning.

  • Housing estate being built

    Is the PM going to call in the cavalry?


    What does Taylor Wimpey CEO Pete Redfern know that the rest of the embattled housebuilding sector doesn’t? The UK’s second-biggest developer is back in the land market. Could it have had the heads-up that Boris is about to call in the cavalry?

  • For sale signs_credit_shutterstock_Willy Barton_1309929943

    Light at the end of the tunnel


    We’ll build again. But, even after the PM’s exhortation for construction workers to be “actively encouraged” back to site, it’s not entirely clear where or when. One thing’s clear, though: nothing will ever be quite the same in property.

  • Empty construction site

    The cash preservation society


    “Cash is king.” Never has that well-worn business maxim been more imperative than now, as the country locks down in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • Houses being built

    So much for the brighter outlook


    Just when things were looking up, along came a global pandemic.

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