Amanda Clack

Amanda Clack

Amanda Clack is an executive director and head of strategic advisory at CBRE



  • Housebuilding

    ​Levelling up: collaborating to deliver


    How can the private sector bring its skills to deliver the levelling-up agenda through real assets?

  • Green office

    Act now for a sustainable future


    The built environment covers a diverse range of buildings, from listed historic ones through to the latest in new builds, but the focus must be on decarbonising existing stock, given that 80% of our building requirements for 2050 have already been constructed.

  • Victoria Station

    A new platform for regeneration


    Real assets provide a great opportunity where real estate meets infrastructure.

  • City of London

    It’s time to kickstart a cities revival


    As we emerge from the lockdowns and Covid-19 pandemic, our cities eagerly await a new normality and for the streets, pavements, cafés, bars and businesses to again become their vibrant heartbeat.

  • Green office

    It’s time for property to transform


    In my 2021 predictions, I acknowledged that in many aspects, our thinking had moved forward a decade in 10 months.

  • Paris cyclists in masks

    A glimmer of hope for our cities


    After what, thanks to Covid-19, can only be described as the global annus horribilis that is 2020, we can at least see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to the wonders of science in creating a vaccine.

  • Modular housing

    Building back to a green future


    In a speech at the end of June, Boris Johnson said: “This moment gives us a much greater chance to be radical and to do things differently… to build back better… to build back bolder. This infrastructure revolution will allow us to end that chronic failure of the British state: ...

  • At desk in mask

    Creating the new office normal


    Our CBRE EMEA Occupier Survey 2020, published this week, is a timely reminder of why now more than ever, as we look at returning to office-based work, we need to focus on strategic decision-making that combines the ‘people agenda’ with a robust real estate and technology strategy.

  • Generic biz rates

    Moving from crisis to opportunity


    Covid-19 has had a massive impact on our world. As we go through the three R’s – responding, resilience, reimagining – now is the time to consider how we could emerge to be stronger, leaner and more effective.

  • Climate change construction

    Building with the planet in mind


    Having supported the launch of the National Infrastructure Commission’s report this month setting out the UK’s first design principles for infrastructure around climate, people, places and value, I have to wonder what role we as built environment professionals should have around the environmental, social and corporate governance agenda. The answer, ...

  • Rows of houses rural

    We need all types of homes


    Everyone aspires to have a place they can call home. Generating enough homes to service demand is the key to unlocking the housing shortage.

  • London

    Creating a layered legacy for our cities is key


    The future of cities is something that has fascinated me throughout my career. Working on major projects with long timeframes, I’ve had to stay grounded in current commercial conditions, while simultaneously focused on the vision of the future being created, the legacy I’m a part of.

  • PW060718_proptech_shutterstock_516529507_cred metamorworks

    Data is king – and that isn't going to change with GDPR


    When I talk about the future of real estate, I often get challenged when I raise concerns over the pace of technological change and its impact on the built environment and professionals within it.

  • Berlin at night 636

    Urbanity is key to making megacities work


    The key theme this year at Mipim was urbanity – bringing increasing numbers of people in cities together through placemaking.