As we begin to emerge from Lockdown, London, and Chelsea in particular are looking at the ways in which to reimagine public spaces and ensure high streets thrive post-pandemic.

Kira Charatan

Kira Charatan, Head of Archives at Cadogan

In this edition of PropCast, Blackstock Consulting’s Andrew Teacher talks to Kira Charatan, Head of Archives at Cadogan about the rich history of Chelsea, and the resilience it has demonstrated through previous crises. The podcast highlights how these crises of the past 100 years (most notably the two world wars), have created positive transformations and acted as a catalyst for Chelsea’s cultural scene to flourish.

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Kira and Andrew discuss the colourful characters Chelsea is renowned for, from Royal photographer Cecile Beaton, to fashion icons Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood as well as the evolution of its arts, culture and fashion scenes.

Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton

Drawing on Chelsea’s past leads to conversations on the cyclical nature of trends, and how history inevitably repeats itself. ‘It’s often only through the lens of history you can see what trends are’, Kira says.

The events of the past allowed ‘Chelsea to become a hotbed for creativity and new movements’. Modern day Chelsea is a ‘place for artisans’ explains Kira, ‘and still has a lot of creatives and people developing new things. The artisan element comes through in the retail and specialist craftsmanship in the area.’

King's Road 1967 (002)

King’s Road, Chelsea, 1967

Kira is very optimistic about a renaissance of the roaring twenties post-lockdown, and thinks the biggest lessons learned from the past that can improve Chelsea’s future are ‘resilience and creativity’.

Wells aviation vintage advert

Wells aviation vintage advert

Cadogan has recently announced a new concept from one of Britain’s most famous designers, Anya Hindmarch. ‘The Village’, will be a new retail experience consisting of five neighbouring stores that seek to connect a post pandemic world.

Cadogan has also introduced a range of creative initiatives to welcome people back to the neighbourhood from 12 April, including 500 al fresco seats, a ‘pop-up’ experience taking over Sloane Square, flags designed by local artists, festoon lighting and floral installations, all of which contribute to the overall vibrancy and celebratory atmosphere that will be enjoyed by many over the coming months.

You can listen to this podcast via Apple Podcasts or Spotify or SoundCloud or listen to it through the player above.

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