Let’s tax carbon properly and create a single fund to find tech solutions.

By challenging the supply chain and introducing meaty regulation, we have the power to affect change and move the climate debate away from greenwash into real action.

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The first episode of Property Week’s Climate Crisis Challenge debate agreed that “the penny has now dropped around the fact that young people won’t want to join companies that don’t do the right thing”.

“Embodied carbon has been a blind spot for the industry, but material suppliers, architects and engineers all have a part to play,” said Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability and Digital Strategy at Argent, one of our lead partners.

A debate around the role of offsets - and the need for a stopgap until new technology arrives - suggested creating a single fund, paid for by a carbon tax, that could support new innovations to tackle climate risk.

A proper price on carbon and investment, combined with greater transparency from the Emissions Trading Scheme and a single market-wide certification regime are three of the critical measures needed.