Andy Gulliford

Andy Gulliford

Andy Gulliford is chief operating officer of SEGRO

  • Delivery van loading

    Warehouse party set to continue


    Demand for good warehouse property has never been as high and supply has never been so low. Rental growth has never been stronger and yields have never been lower.

  • Planning

    Planning must reflect how we live


    Planning has been in the headlines all summer, with Create Streets founder Nicholas Boys Smith appointed as head of a new Office for Place and other reforms being blamed for the Conservatives’ loss of the Chesham & Amersham by-election.

  • Logistics warehouse

    Driving change in the logistics world


    Easing quietly out of DHL’s base in Purfleet since late last year, the Volvo FL Electric 4x2 rigid vehicle has the capacity to run for 120 miles and can carry a maximum of 12 pallets and a weight of up to six tonnes. It is also the first fully electric ...

  • Big store to let

    Shops to sheds shift is not easy


    Two striking headlines stand out in my inbox.

  • Data centre

    Data centres have come of age


    In March, as the pandemic began to spread, people who work in data centres were added to the government’s list of key workers. It shows how far data centres have come that a once specialist and obscure real estate sub-sector has become one of the most sought-after, as use of ...

  • Warehouse

    A new industrial age is dawning


    The Queen’s speech to the nation last month rightly praised the NHS, shop workers and the hard-working teams staffing Britain’s warehouses in the pandemic.

  • Segro Paris Air² Logistique

    Resolving London Plan issues key


    How much should the public sector intervene in the development world? It’s a hot topic right now as the general election gets closer, with political parties making promises that could have an impact on many aspects of the property market.

  • Climate change

    Time to wake up to climate crisis


    Today’s Global Climate Strike is a wake-up call for everyone. “Our house is on fire – let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone,” is the call to arms by the strike’s organisers.

  • Online shopping

    Don’t penalise online retailing


    There have been several people calling for online retailers to be levied with a new sales tax to support the struggling high street.

  • Cannes

    Logistics thriving across Europe


    Mipim last week was dominated by talk of Brexit – in everything other than the logistics world, where we continue to see far bigger structural drivers at play.

  • Amazon Go shop

    Black Friday: shops and ecommerce must be able to exist side by side


    Black Friday today will inevitably provoke further debate over the future of online shopping versus bricks-and-mortar sales in shopping centres and on the high street.

  • PW210918_train track_shutterstock_58222861_cred karin claus_Online_3_2

    Politicians must better support the world of logistics


    September is the height of the political season, as local, regional and national politicians prepare to gather for their party conferences, ministers return to their offices after summer holidays and the media cranks up the presses after the silly season of August

  • Ocado

    Diversity of industrial sector ensures strong performance


    The warehouse and distribution market has come under scrutiny in recent weeks with some speculation that high-street retail woes, the Sainsbury’s-Asda mega merger and even ‘device saturation’, will all spill over and affect the logistics world.

  • Ocado

    Have we got to a point where sheds have become shops?


    A number of commentators have recently highlighted a slowdown in the growth of online sales (still at near double-digit levels mind, so not so bad), pointing too at Amazon’s lower take-up of warehouse space in 2017 as corroborating evidence. I’m not so sure.

  • Ecommerce credit card laptop

    Speed is key if sector is to adapt to ecommerce challenge


    The ecommerce phenomenon is having an increasingly profound effect on the logistics supply chain.

  • Whole Foods Market

    Retailer consolidation set to transform warehousing


    Shares in British supermarkets plunged last month when Amazon announced it was buying high-end grocer Whole Foods Market for £10.7bn, sending a shockwave through the grocery sector.

  • Tesco, SEGRO Logistics Park Poznan, Poland

    Sheds: we need to act now to cater for the rise of ecommerce


    On 27 April, Property Week’s Sheds Conference returns, eight years after the last one, in the depths of the worst property downturn of the past 35 years.

  • Tesco delivery

    The battle between speed and convenience


    Speed or convenience? Which is more important to you and your family as shopping habits rapidly change? The answer probably varies between generations (it does in my house) but the Queen line “I want it all and I want it now” does seem apt.

  • Tech innovation

    Baking up tech innovation in the sheds sector


    The Bakery at Slough Trading Estate is not a place to fill up on pasties and rolls but instead a partnership with an innovative organisation that helps companies to solve their business problems.

  • Andy Gulliford

    Tackling scarcity of land for sheds


    Industrial and distribution development boomed during the mid-2000s and claimed some major scalps by the end of the decade as oversupply and reduced demand from customers combined to hit the market.

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