Angelica Donati

Angelica Donati

Angelica Donati is chief executive of Donati Immobiliare



  • WeWork

    Tech must go direct to end user


    In the third quarter of last year, global venture investments into proptech reached $24.6bn, surpassing the most optimistic estimates for the year and putting the industry on track to comfortably exceed the $30bn full-year mark.

  • Self-driving car

    Smart mobility drives smart cities


    Modern urban logistics and transport networks are under pressure from many sources. According to PwC, people will continue to migrate from rural areas to cities and by 2050 the urban population will have increased by 75%.

  • Crane building site

    Get ready for the rise of contech


    When considering technologies in the real estate space, most people think about advancements that tech can bring to property management, valuations, sales, lettings and many more functions in the asset management lifecycle.

  • Proptech

    It pays to bet smart on proptech


    Last year was a bumper one for proptech. Not only did tech giants continue to validate proptech, with investments such as Softbank’s big bets on WeWork, Oyo, Reonomy, OpenDoor and Compass, real estate investors piled in as well.

  • Angelica Donati

    2019 forecast: Angelica Donati (Donati Immobiliare)


    ”It will be a big year for construction tech, which has to date operated in the shadows compared with asset management and leasing-type operations”


    The greatest ROI technology provides is insight


    The fact that proptech is not a passing fad has been amply proven.

  • Proptech Image

    Tech is the catalyst for the service of real estate


    The real estate industry appears to have reached a turning point. This time, I am not (just) talking about proptech. Slowly but surely, there has been a big shift away from traditional asset management and towards ’the service of real estate’.

  • Proptech

    This is the year proptech comes of age


    In my last column, I theorised that 2018 may be the year when proptech becomes mainstream, and tech 2.0 investments start bearing fruit. I referred to ‘deep’, data-driven technologies, and picked IA – intelligence augmentation – as the ‘one to watch’. With Q1 2018 well behind us, are there any ...

  • Proptech

    Proptech has the investment – now it needs the data


    Proptech talk: At the end of 2017, the RICS published an Insights Paper, co-authored by Saurabh Saxena and me, on the future of residential property in light of technological innovation in the space.