Arshad Bhatti

Arshad Bhatti

Arshad Bhatti, founder and chief executive, Apex Airspace

  • Predictions - what happens next

    What happens next? Arshad Bhatti’s reforecast for 2020 and beyond


    In the second in our three-part series, figures from the residential and property finance sectors share their outlooks for a post-lockdown world.

  • Apex - Marion Court 001 Tooting PW131219

    Airspace is the answer


    The coronavirus crisis has affected every facet of our daily lives. The stalling economy is high on the news agenda, but people’s lives have faced a wall too, including when it comes to home ownership aspirations.

  • Apex Airspace - Anthony and Roderick

    Housing: it’s time to reassess density


    Editor: While the concept of social distancing has stalled the majority of the country’s housebuilding projects, it has also raised the question of whether today’s new homes and developments can handle future pandemics.

  • Planning and dev

    Why leasehold reform is essential


    With a new government comes a new agenda, but some of the same arguments around leasehold reform continue to rumble on. This is perhaps to be expected, given that the UK uses a system of home ownership that is still rooted in medieval history.