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  • Tim Henman

    Big interview: Tim Henman serves up property investments


    Tim Henman, new ambassador for property investment fund The Hideaways Club, tells Property Week about his first flat and his love of bricks and mortar.

  • Paul Brundage

    Big interview: Brundage lays out BPF plans


    You would not expect a Canadian expat to love the quintessentially British sport of rugby, but the British Property Federation’s new president Paul Brundage does - in no small part because the game shares so many characteristics with business.

  • Wirral town centre

    By the riverside: Martin Liptrot interview


    For far too long, Wirral has lived in the shadow of the city of Liverpool, which sits ‘over the water’.

  • Darius Ziatabari

    Touch of magic: Darius Ziatabari interview


    Darius Ziatabari is standing at a kitchen counter in Surrey, merrily spraying playing cards into the air for the benefit of Property Week ’s photographer.

  • Savannah de Savary

    Property’s Shazam: Savannah de Savary interview


    Imagine having a tool at your disposal that instantly provides information about the building you are looking at - the agents leasing it, the architect who designed it, the contractor that built it - a ‘Shazam for the built environment’, if you like.

  • David Camp

    A new Stanhope: David Camp interview


    Few developers make their name with a single project. But that is exactly what Stanhope did when in 1986 it embarked on the development of 4m sq ft of commercial property on 29 acres of land at Broadgate, just north of Liverpool Street station in the City of London.

  • Tom Atchison

    Lettings from America: Tom Atchison interview


    Tom Atchison greets Property Week with a firm handshake and a broad grin that reveals a set of perfect teeth.

  • Paul Crosbie

    Speculate to accumulate: Paul Crosbie interview


    Finding suitable investment opportunities in the industrial sector isn’t easy at the moment, according to M G’s head of logistics and industrial, Paul Crosbie.

  • John Burbage

    London’s called: John Burbage interview


    Burbage Realty has been one of the best-performing industrial agencies through good times and bad. Now it is on a growth push, looking to capitalise on the strong market fundamentals in the industrial and logistics sector.

  • James Silver

    Silver bullet: James Silver interview


    It is rare for the development director of a property company to admit to “over-speccing” offices, but Landid’s James Silver does just that when we meet at the developer’s HQ off Carnaby Street to discuss its joint venture with Brockton Capital in the Thames Valley.

  • Jean-Marc Vandevivere

    Platform_ soul: Jean-Marc Vandevivere interview


    Jean-Marc Vandevivere looks down on his former employer. His stance is literal rather than attitudinal. From Platform_’s boardroom, he has a view out over the offices of British Land, where until the end of last year he was head of residential.

  • Craig McWilliam

    The man with a 20-year plan: Craig McWilliam interview


    Grosvenor Britain Ireland’s chief executive Craig McWilliam is looking to inject some hustle and bustle into genteel Mayfair and Belgravia. In his first interview since taking the role, he explains how.

  • David Lloyd and Martin Helme

    All under one roof: David Lloyd and Martin Helme interview


    A new venture from health club pioneer David Lloyd and Martin Helme of Holmes Investment Properties looks to shake up the leisure market with family-focused multi-activity centres.

  • Cal Lee

    Space man: Cal Lee interview


    Workthere has all the usual attributes associated with a proptech company - a cool-looking website, hip young staff and a funky name that would not sound out of place in Silicon Valley. But Workthere is not your average VC-investor-backed start-up. It is the brainchild of Savills.

  • Eyal Weizman

    Conflict interest: Eyal Weizman interview


    If you constructed a Venn diagram representing architecture, investigative journalism, acoustic engineering, human rights law and psychology, you would find a tiny area of intersection in the middle.

  • Kevin Nowlan

    Bring on Brexit: Kevin Nowlan interview


    Whatever opportunities the UK’s exit from the EU throws up for the Dublin office market, Hibernia chief executive Kevin Nowlan plans to capitalise.

  • Richard Cherry

    Estate of mind: Richard Cherry interview


    Political interest in estate regeneration comes and goes, depending on the fiscal position the government of the day finds itself in and, crucially, the personalities involved.

  • Andrew Percival UPP

    A man on the UPP: Andrew Percival interview


    Andrew Percival has every right to feel nervous. It is his first major interview since being appointed managing director of UPP Projects last July and he now leads a company that has been responsible for the development of a portfolio of 36,500 student accommodation rooms, not to mention a further ...

  • Redrock Stockport leisure complex

    A northern soul: Eamonn Boylan interview


    In 1979, Eamonn Boylan came to Manchester to study English and American literature. And but for a brief sojourn across the Pennines, Cumbria-born Boylan has stayed in the city that has become his spiritual home ever since.

  • Tim Rodber (left) and Matt Dawson

    Instant results: Tim Rodber and Matt Dawson interview


    The word ‘disruptor’ characterised the whole playing career of former England rugby international back row Tim Rodber.