Bill Hughes

  • Bill Hughes 2021

    LGIM’s Bill Hughes on whether the built environment can be a force for good


    We, the real estate industry, have reached an inflection point – one where our approach to environmental and social factors can ensure that the built environment becomes a force for good.

  • PW251122_sustainable property_shutterstock_1734313709_cred Thanakorn.P

    Propelling the UK to self-reliance


    Brexit, the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have all disrupted supply chains and marked turning points in the priority that European policymakers place on their own self-reliance.

  • Handshake

    Partnering with the public sector


    With inflation rising and the threat of a cost-of-living crisis looming, the pandemic’s economic impact is becoming more apparent. As a result, it has never been more important for our industry to create meaningful partnerships with the public sector to support cities’ and councils’ growth.

  • Cardiff

    Partnerships drive regen projects


    Despite years of austerity, the state and public sector is indebted on a grand scale. The hundreds of billions of pounds the government spent to support public services, households and business during the pandemic has caused the government deficit to reach a peacetime record.

  • Green building Fukuoka

    Real estate must prove its worth


    As we emerge from the latest lockdown, the extent to which real estate as an investment asset class will be permanently changed is unclear.

  • Joe Biden

    Key steps on the road to net zero


    When Joe Biden was sworn in as US president and made addressing climate change one of the central pillars of his policy, it felt like a watershed moment.

  • Love local shop sign

    Innovators will weather Covid-19


    This year, we have seen a significant shift in the way we live and work, with Covid-19 proving to be an accelerator of existing trends.

  • Funky office

    We can disrupt the disruptors


    For the past three years, Generation Z has been entering the workforce. Over the coming decade, millions more young adults, born between 1996 and 2010, will begin employment, with new challenges and opportunities. Companies involved in the working ecosystem now have to cater for four generations – all with unique ...

  • MediaCity Manchester

    Devolution leads to urban success


    The UK’s urban renaissance has been characterised by the repopulation and regeneration of UK cities.

  • Modern flats

    Housing broken but not unfixable


    Despite Brexit stealing the limelight, housing remains a top government priority. In fact, there is rare cross-Whitehall agreement that the UK’s housing market is broken and innovation is urgently needed in the supply chain.

  • Construction

    Social value is a need to have, not nice to have


    It has been a year of increased scrutiny for the way companies conduct themselves and their impact on wider society, environmentally and socially. The European Parliament has taken a historic stand against single-use plastic pollution, while calls for action on global warming have never been louder, following Britain’s hottest summer ...

  • Online shopping

    Click & collect can help stores thrive in the digital era


    “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word crisis, one brush stroke stands for danger; the other opportunity. In a crisis, we need to be aware of the danger but recognise the opportunity.” John F Kennedy’s words could not be more true for the retail sector.

  • Lexicon Bracknell

    Tips on how to survive the retail revolution


    Contrary to the media hype signalling doom and gloom for retail, the resilience of the UK consumer has been surprising.

  • Serviced office

    The property management industry needs reinventing


    There is a common misconception in the real estate industry that outsourcing property management activities to third-party managing agents is more efficient, saving both time and money.

  • Headingley NS Stand Cricket

    Regional devolution offers a golden opportunity


    Investor’s chronicle: there is more opportunity for investment in the city regions than ever before.

  • Disrupt button

    Disruption has to become the industry blueprint


    It’s all too easy to conform to the consensus view and protect the status quo in business; something our industry is particularly guilty of.

  • Canning Town

    Lasting regeneration, not opportunistic gentrification


    Urbanisation: big word, even bigger concept. The social, physical and economic changes it encompasses are relevant to anyone interested in real assets, but the regeneration of our urban areas to foster sustainable communities and stimulate long-term economic growth is applicable to us all.

  • New build homes

    Necessity could well prove the mother of invention


    The emphasis of last week’s housing white paper - more green than white in nature - was on consultation, with a helpful emphasis on multi-tenures and on a diverse and broadening array of players that can contribute. The industry now has a chance to help shape practical policy for the ...

  • London Gateway

    Why we should keep talking about regeneration


    The word regeneration gets bandied around a lot nowadays, as do all the other ‘re’ words: rejuvenate, remodel, reset, redevelop, reuse, re-establish, recreate, restructure, refurbish… have I forgotten any?

  • Flats, Bristol harbour

    Time for build-to-rent to set the standard


    Few will have missed comments by the housing minister at RESI last week that the government seems to be willing to look at all housing tenures to help address the country’s chronic lack of supply.

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