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    Creating Brighton’s First Co Living Village


    Kosy Co Living - part of the Kosy Living group - is creating an urban co living village in the heart of Brighton. The very first of its kind, they are offering prime city centre living in an affordable and social environment with all bills, co-working and amenities included in ...

  • Net zero

    Real estate stakeholders need to work together to meet 2050 net zero target


    With the real estate sector accounting for 40% of the UK’s energy and process-related greenhouse gas emissions, retrofitting our built environment to meet new regulatory requirements will be a crucial part of the journey towards meeting the country’s 2050 net-zero target.

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    A ‘double bill’ of government reforms


    Queen’s Speech heralds forthcoming changes in the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill and the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill.

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    ​Future proofing property


    Whether you are building from new, or refurbishing existing property, considering how to protect your investment against future performance requirements whilst making it an attractive proposition for tenants has become an imperative.

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    ​Generating revenue from EV charging


    As electric vehicle charging becomes compulsory on new developments, commercial landowners and developers could be in line for a share of the profits.

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    Data dearth: challenges on the path to net zero


    April’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report repeated the message of earlier iterations: the world is not doing enough, or moving quickly enough, to limit an increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 30 years.

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    Know (& satisfy) your tenants


    Know your tenants it’s a statement that landlords or asset managers hear multiple times. But how do you really understand your tenants? What is going to make them excellent tenants, stay for longer and pay rent on time?

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    ​BREEAM vs LEED. From an investor’s perspective, which certificate is worth pursuing?


    Obtaining a green building certification significantly increases the value of the building and makes it more attractive to potential tenants or buyers. The two most popular multi-criteria building certification systems are LEED and BREEAM. Which one should you opt for when planning your investment?

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    The carrot and the stick


    The race to net zero emissions is on, and decarbonising the built environment - responsible for 37% of the world’s CO₂ output - is critical if corporates and policymakers are to align with the Paris Agreement on climate change by 2050.

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    ​Using technology to source off-market property


    Once you’ve used data and analytics to compare local property markets and identify the area for your next development, you’ll need to turn your attention to sourcing land or property suitable for your intended use.

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    Delivering A Seamless Experience – What Sets Top Performing BTR Developments Apart?


    The Build to Rent (BTR) sector is seeing rapid expansion and the number of developers and management companies in the market is also increasing. 

  • Hamptons

    How can investors build a buy-to-let portfolio?


    For a long time, investing in buy-to-let was seen as a sure-fire way to make money. But, over the last five years or so, regulatory and taxation changes have dented its appeal.

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    Real estate: Are you ready to future-proof?


    Real estate is an industry that has always kept professionals on its toes, but the pandemic is changing the way this sector will operate forever. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and indeed, real estate is resilient: capable of withstanding recessions and open to innovation.

  • CISL

    The emerging low build agenda at a time of change


    Construction Declares. Architects Declare. Engineers Declare. The ‘low build agenda’. Growing numbers of design and construction professionals before the pandemic were already re-evaluating their objectives and professional paradigms in response to the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

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    ​When local became national


    Carter Jonas is committed to providing their clients with Simply Better Property Advice and our new Live Local Plan Monitor is doing just that – giving landowners and developers as well as local and national government the information they need to deliver their ever more ambitious development targets.

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    The business case for levelling up: why our cities are the key to sustainable growth


    In January we launched the Levelling-Up Opportunity Index - an assessment of the “levelling up” potential of the biggest 34 cities and towns outside London.

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    How to analyse a local property market from your desk


    Location is a critical factor for the success of a property development, and understanding the existing market dynamics of an investment area is an essential part of the research process when looking at potential development sites.

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    How covid proved the resilience of PSBA


    Before the March lockdown, the student accommodation sector was probably having the best year to date. The student housing cycle is very much eat, sleep repeat - and once October rolls around, you do it all over again.

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    UK house price growth expected to slow


    Annual UK house price growth peaked at 13.4% in June 2021, according to Nationwide. Growth at this pace is unusual. Doing so in the aftermath of a pandemic is nothing short of remarkable.

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    ​Servicing strong investment interest in student accommodation


    Although the pandemic created obvious disruption in the higher education sector, recovery is underway.