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    Walking wallets need worthy destinations


    Despite what some people think, I rarely go shopping. That is, I rarely set out to go shopping. But I do like to ‘mooch’ and along the way enjoy serendipitous finds that often translate into purchases.

  • Man Summers

    Man Summers shows us relationships are key


    For a long time I have thought there are at least two things which do not feature strongly enough (if at all) on most university courses, for those seeking to enter the surveying profession. These two things are relationship management and marketing. Throughout my time in the ...

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    Everything’s getting more expensive on the High Street... except the rents


    How to cope with rising inflation is the number one concern of retailers right now. The situation is so serious it has pushed their other big problem - the dwindling pot of consumer spend – into second place. Why?

  • Engaldn are looking to build on last Friday's win in Cardiff

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: it’s momentum that matters now


    Success breeds success. Ask any player what makes them feel confident and comfortable heading into the big match occasion and they’ll all tell you it’s playing well and winning games.

  • Dan Gwilliam

    Where are the ideas to promote property's growth?


    Last month the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recommended to the Government that Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) should be reformed in relation to domestic conveyancing in the UK and replaced by an annual household property tax.

  • Meadowhall

    A 21st birthday party in Sketch


    I went to a cracking 21st birthday party on Tuesday evening, swanky venue – Sketch on Conduit Street, very popular birthday girl with loads of friends and gallons of champagne. 21 is such a great age. Youth is still on your side, but with a greater sense of maturity ...

  • Mark Rigby

    Mark Rigby's Six Nations Blog: England to win it - do you agree?


    Six Nations in a World Cup year always has added spice. Everyone’s desperate to build momentum towards the biggest prize in the game – and no-one wants to pick up an injury when the big stage beckons. So, this year, I’m delighted to be teaming up ...

  • Dolly Parton

    Bannatyne helps my marathon training - Dolly Parton doesn't


    It is one month since I was last seen dressed as a giant Smurf, knocking back vast quantities of whiskey in the Cornish town of Looe. The New Year’s festivities, whilst surprisingly memorable, played total havoc with my training regime. When I got back to jogging around London in ...

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    548 sleeps to go. Get excited. Get involved.


    There’s just 548 sleeps – or 18 months – to the start of the London 2012 Games. It seems incredible that the intervening years since scooping the prize on 6 July 2005 have flown so quickly,

  • Marlow by GolfGT_Girl

    Quality architecture and retail: build it and they will come!


    Do you often ask yourself ‘where is my favourite place to shop and why?’ For many people, the answer is often in the beautiful cities such as Bath, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh or Regent Street/Covent Garden London. If the correlation therefore between quality architecture and retail is so obvious, ...

  • Liverpool - Banoootah

    Would Grosvenor be a better Liverpool FC manager?


    There are two sports that Liverpudlians love, the first is shopping (or at least buying loud fashion labels) and the second is football. I was in Liverpool this week and there are two words not to mention for one of the city’s teams. Blackpool and Blackburn.

  • Bettings shops - Alan Stanton

    Bookies, bargains, buns and boards are the high street's future


    In last week’s FT, I predicted that bookies, bargains, buns and boards were the future of Britain’s high streets. Usually, journalists hate making predictions in fear that they might be proved wrong. In this case, I would gladly suffer the humiliation of not being right if it a better local ...

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    Food and finance: markets in the twin city


    When New York’s new Governor Coumo gave his inaugural ‘state of the state’ speech earlier this month, he candidly set out the parlous state that the ‘Empire State’ is indeed in. A $10bn budget deficit means UK-style cuts, pay freezes and job losses, piling more misery on that already meted ...

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    Unchartered Economic Waters


    I had been sure December would see a rise in interest rates at the latest because of inflationary pressures in the economy but the fragility of the markets and personal finances put this off. However, with CPI running at 3.7% and RPI around 5% this cannot be ignored for ...

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    Misinformation through the Grapevine doubles our workload


    We had a water pump room flooded, which wiped out the water supply for 270 flats. Water was back within 24 hours and permanently fixed in four days. What was interesting, though, was the porters' reaction and how they were (and still are) giving misinformation to leaseholders and ...

  • One Times Square fireworks

    Wishes and kisses: New Year at the crossroads of the world


    I was promised a great view, but I didn’t expect to be at the epicentre of the crossroads of the world. Yet there I was, seeing in 2011 from the best vantage point possible in New York City’s luminous Times Square, as crowds counted down to midnight and sang along ...

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    Happy 2011 … now bring on 2012!


    As we leap into 2011 we are already contending with the VAT increase and what appears to be ever increasing fuel prices. This could make it a fairly tricky and interesting year. In Chainbow’s experience, most forget the Government imposed changes when looking through a budget.

  • Underground - new entrance at KCC

    Staying power stands the test of time


    As ever, as we teeter on the brink of a new year, my mind goes back over the past year’s events. My personal review will not be of interest to you, dear reader, but suffice to say, the thing that is upper most in my mind is that it has ...

  • Giles

    Barrie's Big Winners of 2010


    Readers may have choked on their breakfast this morning as they read the Daily Telegraph front page headline `Brace yourself for a 5% interest rate’. I will therefore try to cheer you up with my awards for the year.

  • Chris Hoy bike

    UK talent on track for gold


    I know an awful lot of MAMILs. That was my conclusion when given the opportunity to take a small group around the Velo in the Olympic Park, and I started to speculate on who to invite.