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    Barrie on Higgins


    I will let you into a secret: I am in a drinking club with David Higgins, the newly-anointed chief executive of Network Rail. I will explain all in a minute, but first, what do I think about Higgins’ switch from the Olympic Delivery Authority to the national rail operator? ...

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    Barrie blogs on 'lazy' 2012 bureaucrats


    I almost choked on my Braised New Season Shank of Lamb at the City planning committee annual dinner last night. The reason was my astonishment at the laziness and selfishness of the hordes of sports bureaucrats who will be descending on London in 2012.

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    Residents may not always know best


    The constant difficulty is the perspectives of leaseholders who either do not have a concept of what is involved with block management or those who want to get in to the minutiae.

  • Giles Barrie

    Ronson on the Pope and Candy on money laundering...


    Ronson on the Pope, Candy on money laundering and Pidgley is no longer being the boss.

  • Mark Adams

    Food and Wine: Luk Yu Tea House


    I was invited by a leading Hong Kong lawyer to join him for dinner at the famous Luk Yu Tea House on Stanley Street.

  • 150th Cover

    No recovery until 2018, says Property Boom author


    I don’t know about you, but my career in property started with a book. Or to be more specific, the loan of a book.

  • Food Spy

    Polpetto: Small is beautiful


    To Dean Street in Soho for this review. Polpetto is situated above the well known French House on Dean Street and is Russell Norman’s third restaurant since he left Caprice Holdings and ventured out on his own.

  • Giles Barrie

    Barrie hits the pain barrier


    I am today revealing plans to undergo severe physical pain – after severe exertions alongside a former England cricketer at the weekend.

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    Google Instant - online search just became faster


    Google has introduced an enhanced service - "Google Instant" aimed at speeding up our online searches.

  • Giles Barrie

    Let's talk about a homophobic, lecherous and ruthless developer.


    How better to resume this blog after a summer `staycation’ – and the quietest market I can recall – than by talking about a homophobic, lecherous and ruthless developer?

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    Online search - the biggest business story of the next decade?


    The BBC's Rory Cellan Jones suggests that the battle between the old and new models of online search "is going to be one of the biggest business stories of the next decade". If so - what will be the impact on the marketing of commercial property and the ...

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    Sometimes I think to myself “I’m glad I’m not a lawyer!”

  • Robert Lee

    Opportunities for a New Decade


    It is still too recent to properly assess the longstanding effect of the meltdown in the financial markets upon the residential and wider real estate sector.

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    Clamping is a necessity


    The draconian measure of making it illegal to clamp on private property will cause practicable problems for a large number of sites

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    Is the Coalition on the road to nowhere?


    Helping Homeowners Watch the Pennies while the Government looks away from Regulation

  • David Cameron on holiday in Cornwall

    Holiday home taxes more changeable than British weather


    It’s silly season, and our PM (ever the PR man) is boasting of his family’s decision to holiday at home. Also known as a ‘staycation’, the fact that Mrs Cameron is about to drop a sprog and therefore can’t fly has nothing to do with the Cameron’s decision to spend ...

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    Are over 55s developments a thing of the past?


    Should we be designing homes for life?

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    Obfuscating responsibility is the common element in residential property


    Is it human nature to get away with what one can?

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    The ups and downs of online search


    The volume of online searches conducted on Google that relate to commercial property in the UK have leveled out in recent months - but do undelying trends within the figures point to what the market is doing?

  • Claer Barrett

    A Moving story


    Having taken the day off work to help by brother move house, I was not expecting to uncover a nasty little property scam.