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    MIPIM 2013: Recognising residential


    I’m excited about the week ahead in Cannes for MIPIM; it’s going to be an eventful few days with back-to-back meetings from morning to night.

  • Susan Freeman

    MIPIM BLOG: The storm before the calm


    So here we are back in Cannes for MIPIM. The Croisette looks comfortingly familiar and despite the gloomy weather forecast it was sunny, at least to begin with.

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    Section 20 – Where to now?


    First we had the Philips case in the High Court, which created open season for leaseholders and confusion for managers. This week we saw the Supreme Court’s decision on Daejan v Benson case, which was cited as rebalance for owners.

  • City Boy

    City Boy on Vertical Rush


    Since I accidently became a stockbroker in 1996, I have taken on a number of the Square Mile’s biggest characters and best-known personalities.

  • Bruce Dear

    MIPIM BLOG: Justifying the conference and the triple dip trap door


    Every March, the world’s property industry squeezes into one town. MIPIM mingles investors, developers, end users and funders in Cannes.

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    MIPIM BLOG: On business, ties and the 'pink wine hangover'


    I always approach MIPIM as a military operation – organisation and careful planning are my most important ingredients for a successful week in Cannes.

  • Mat Lown

    Time to call time on disposable commercial properties?


    With a growing awareness of all things “sustainable” there is a definite shift in society’s attitude towards the throwaway culture that has prevailed over the past fifty years. As an industry - is it now time that the spotlight is turned upon our disposable attitude to commercial buildings? The ...

  • Andrew Cruickshank

    London remains a safe haven for overseas investors


    Middle Eastern investors have been active in the UK market for many years, with money coming from institutions, high net worth individuals and sovereign wealth funds based in various countries, such as Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

  • Mark Adams

    WINE BLOG: A taste for the Claret Club


    I was invited by Stephen Collins of Claret Club to join him and his other guests for an exclusive gourmet dinner in London at the restaurant Texture. The menu prepared by Michelin-starred chef Agnar Sverrisson was designed to complement a retrospective selection of wines from Bodegas Vega Sicilia. Vega Sicilia ...

  • Emma Haslett

    Chelsea Barracks: the new Battersea?


    The last we heard of Chelsea Barracks, its architect was muttering something about a posh veg patch. Then – nothing.

  • Marc Vlessing

    The 2011 Census makes depressing reading – and the Government is risking worse numbers in 2021


    Wednesday’s Census data showing a concerning fall in home ownership in the last ten years could have been predicted by those of us in the property sector, but the fact that it seems to have shocked journalists and politicians alike shows how slow the political establishment has been to recognise ...

  • Dominic Bouvet

    MAPIC 2012: Emerging market opportunity - core market priority


    Having landed safely on British soil and back into the swing of normal – non-conference life – I have been asked by my colleagues what the sentiment at Mapic was like. JLL’s latest research suggests, and pardon my crude summary, that we have observed burgeoning success of the emerging growth ...

  • Mark Adams

    A little wine and music therapy....


    Jonathan Quin, a founder of the foreign exchange business World First, assembled a group of approximately 50 enthusiastic wine tasters at The Caledonian Club in Belgravia to raise money for the charities Childreach International and Music as Therapy.

  • Victoria Gould

    MAPIC 2012: Retail takes off…


    While relishing a spot of quiet time before I boarded my flight to Nice for Mapic 2012, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to share my thoughts on a number of aspects of airport retailing - my pet subject as I am the Retail Director of the newly formed ...

  • Emma Haslett

    How the other half live: Walpole Mayfair


    It isn’t easy to feel at home when you’re shuffling around in paper shoe covers – but “homely” isn’t really the vibe at Walpole Mayfair, the super-opulent block of five apartments unveiled in May by developer Oliver Burns.

  • Giles Barrie

    MAPIC 2012: Giles Barrie's 10 hot topics


    Last year’s MAPIC in the midst of the Eurozone crisis was one of the bleakest events I have attended – this year the mood was brighter as retail property basked in the Cannes sun.

  • Ben Havery

    MAPIC 2012: Ben Havery - industrial needs to act as e-tailing glows white hot


    Early November. You can tell it’s time for MAPIC as the Christmas lights slowly begin to get switched on across Europe.

  • Jonathan de Mello

    MAPIC 2012: Jonathan De Mello hints at wave of US retailer expansion


    Well Mapic is upon us again - this time thankfully sufficiently spaced out from BCSC compared with past years, when it was 2 major conferences in as many weeks; enough networking/socialising/drinking even for someone as (relatively) young as me!

  • Donald Shaw

    Has the Government done its homework with business rates revaluation delay?


    Mary Portas has recently, and publicly, questioned whether Westminster is only paying lip service to her proposals on steps to help fix local high streets – in Scotland Malcolm Fraser has been asked to lead a National Review of Town Centres – will it be different in Scotland?

  • Nick Jopling, executive proeprty director, Grainger

    Montague: what next?


    Getting politicians to understand what level of obligations (Section 106, affordable housing and CIL) should be placed to different types of development has been the holy grail of the industry for many years.