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  • Mike Phillips news and banking Editor of Property Week

    Expo Real 2012: Fun, funds and the rumble of the eurozone


    One afternoon in, Expo seems to be a bit more fun this year. Obviously a giant conference centre on the outskirts of Munich is never going to com are as a setting with the Croisette in Cannes, but people seem to have made a bit more effort with their stands. ...

  • Susan Freeman and Irvine Sellar

    A view from the Shard


    I was lucky to have been included in a tour of the Shard by its creator Irvine Sellar. You can’t have missed seeing the Shard, as it rises majestically on the skyline from wherever you are in London - and beyond.

  • Andrew Cruickshank

    EXPO REAL 2012: London remains a safe haven for investors


    It is once again that time of the year when those involved with the commercial property investment market head to Munich.

  • Mike Sales

    Market prospects will be a marathon and not a sprint


    For some real estate investors, a great summer of sport has provided a welcome distraction from the challenges facing the property industry. 

  • Charlie Cunningham FreshStart Living

    Face it: NewBuy is a damp squib


    Figures last week showed that the NewBuy scheme has led to around 1,500 reservations and just 250 completions.


    The housing market needs NewBuy


    There is a paradox at the heart of the UK housing market: affordability is more favourable than at any time in the last five years yet many customers are locked out of the market by the requirement for a large deposit.

  • John Hitchcox image 2 grain

    RESI 2012: Why I’m homesick for London


    There was an inspiring glow of positivity around this year’s RESI. Not just from Bruce Ritchie’s entourage or the bullet-proof prime London agents, but from everyone sharing ideas, stories and insight.

  • Sebastian O'Kelly

    Stop whining about Stamp Duty


    How is this for unfairness: you make a fortune in manufacturing in the Far East or carving out the natural resources of the old Soviet Union and decide – as one does – to buy a mansion in London, and then the locals start asking for a bit of tax ...

  • Michael Green

    BCSC: Life after the conference


    This year’s BCSC conference was a real success with some 2,600 delegates from across retail property arriving in Liverpool for three days of networking, speaker sessions and access to an unrivalled exhibition of more than 100 companies from the industry.

  • Andrew Teacher

    RESI 2012: Black clouds and revelations


    With the creeping inevitability of an oil slick, as the packed property choo-choo pulls out of Paddington, the splendid Western skyline is snuffed out by swathes of black cloud.

  • Emma Haslett 134x115

    RESI 2012: time to put a stop to the excuses


    I spent Wednesday morning in the company of about 50 gentlemen (and one woman, to be fair) from various large institutional investors, all squirming with excuses as to why they’re yet to do much in the way of investing cash into the residential sector.

  • Ian Parish

    BCSC: Where will the money needed to boost our high streets come from?


    Today, I will have the pleasure of sitting on a panel during the BCSC Conference alongside Peter Drummond, CEO, BDP and President of BCSC, and Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, to discuss whether the UK’s town centres can fight back from the brink.

  • Jonathan Sutton

    On the road to BCSC 2012....


    So its Monday 10 th September and all roads finally head west to Liverpool as host city for BCSC 2012.

  • Leigh Burnett +shops

    BCSC: Portas, landlords and vacancy rates


    We are out of the blocks early….first email from BCSC is at 7.30am setting the scene for the opening day, there is golf to exercise the body and seminars a plenty to broaden the mind.

  • Justin Taylor

    Underwater, Mouth Watering or Sea Change


    In 2012, the market may well resemble a black and white movie - things will be in stark contrast with few shades of grey. Equally there will be success or failure, but again little in between. There will be opportunities and that is what markets like this bring.

  • Hardeep Sandher

    Forget quotas, women have got to do it for themselves


    The idea of quotas to address the imbalance of women on boards of directors, where a number – say a third – of all members on a board would have to be female, misses the point. 

  • Mira Bar Hillel

    Why I was right about the Montague Review


    When the suits from investment companies and their stuffy mates say they have been talking about the need for more investment into the private rented sector (PRS) for a long time, I draw a deep breath.

  • Michael de Massey

    WINE BLOG: 60 cases of red and white


    When a friend of mine Michael de Massey suggested that I join him on a 2,400 mile round trip from Manchester to Slovenia it seemed only sensible to suggest adding a further 600 miles by taking in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and Alsace on route.

  • City of London skyline

    Shrinking law firms shift away from specialist sectors


    Property Week today reports on a shift away from property as a core business area within City law firms (professional, 27 July).

  • Emma Haslett 134x115

    BLOG: Can the government make banks put a roof over our heads?


    It doesn’t take complicated research to show most of us there’s a housing crisis on: the very fact that most of the nation’s under-30s (myself included) will be in their dotage before they can save enough cash for a deposit should be enough to show even the least reasonable among ...