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    Retail lifeline vs upward only rents: is 'down' the new 'up'?


    Landlords this week agreed to create a new standardised leased for retailers. Or at least some of them did. Meanwhile, the retail lobby is secretly planning another assault against upward-only rent reviews. What will happen when the music stops?

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    WINE BLOG: A day at the races


    I was invited by Andrew Campbell of Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP to join his client Trinity Elite at Chester Races on 10 May 2012.

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    Clintons: Shoplifters of the world unite!


    Clintons finally fell into administration yesterday in one of the most drawn-out retail demises ever. While landlords and other creditors have lost out, there are some who’ve walked away with a very nice pile of badges and cuddly toys. Is this what they call ‘enterprise’?

  • Susan Freeman

    My marathon week


    With a countdown of just 72 days to the London Olympics, my week has been something of a marathon. Still not quite in the Olympic spirit? Then I suggest seeing Chariots of Fire just opened at Hampstead Theatre which as you will know from the film of that ...

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    Jet-lagged but joy-full of Australian wine


    I returned from holiday the week before last jet-lagged but satisfied having visited a number of Australia’s most prestigious wine regions.

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    Can’t pay? Apparently, there’s no need to!


    The Supreme Court recently ruled against the Hounslow Council and its attempt to evict a tenant for rent arrears. The court found the council fell foul of the European Convention of Human Rights’ Article 8, which is to respect for someone’s home, and to my mind this has left a ...

  • Tim Robinson

    Green refurbs and fit-outs can be achieved with a bit of help from Ska


    Many of the larger UK retailers are taking sustainability very seriously, but until now the sector has struggled to find a way of measuring the environmental impact of fit-out or refurbishment.

  • andy teacher; sustainability; land securities; breeam; LSE

    Green awards for incomplete buildings: no wonder people are cynical about sustainability


    The property industry is driving cynicism in it's green efforts by rewarding itself for things that haven't happened yet. Only by engaging with reality will be people begin to take it a bit more seriously.

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    One rotten apple


    One of the beauties of being humans is our differences, but it is also one of our frustrations. If we can ever find a way to manage that achieves what every person wants, then surely the Holy Grail has been found.

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    MIPIM 2012: Why making a Splash in Cannes is vital for UK growth


    Tabloid criticism of Mipim over the last couple of days was at best predictable and at worst the very type of gutter journalism that's dragged down certain areas of the tabloid media. For those who went - and those who'll benefit from the relationsips struck there - it was of ...

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    From Bricks to Clicks


    Since the development of the first Arndale Centre we have lived through the slow, gradual, eroding power of the High Street. My question is, why are we now paranoid about the terminally ill patient? Have we only just woken up to what has been inevitable for decades?

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    Battle of the Giants – London versus New York


    It sounds a bit like the start of a joke but: What happens when you put the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the first ever winner of the Apprentice Tim Campbell, Robert Steel and Howard Wolfson - the two deputy mayors of New York - on a debating platform?

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    Walking a tightrope over the streets of San Francisco


    Today is a key day in my US road trip. I am presenting to members of the Northern California CoreNet Chapter and the Urban Land Institute at the PG&E Auditorium in the beautiful city of San Francisco. My task is to provide an outlook for the EMEA office ...

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    Ed Miliband has no solution on housing


    Five years on from Gordon Brown’s failed promise to build three million new homes and the current Labour leader reveals that he too has “no solution” to Britain’s housing crisis. While the HCA makes real progress and green groups oppose the coalition’s planning reforms, Grant Shapps can at least take ...

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    Will Portas retail pilots fly us out of terminal decline?


    The latest high street vacancy figures show things will get worse in 2012. But what of the Portas review? Will 12 pilots be enough to turn things around, or should ministers cut the novelty act and do something to support what firms are already doing to help themselves?

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    Design for life and management


    Any homebuilder or developer would put together a new development design team and automatically include architects and lawyers but why not management specialists?

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    Hot air: what could Boris Island do for property?


    Downing Street has woken up to the fact that pretty soon, all the Chinese businesses they keep going to see won't actually be able to fly directly to Britain as our air routes dwindle. Rather than risk losing a few votes in west London, the Tories want to find another ...

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    +1 your business with Google Plus


    Google Plus (or Google+) is the search giants own social media platform which was launched in June of last year. It is estimated to be getting around an additional 625,000 new users each day and is changing the way Google works and how businesses are promoting their goods and services. ...

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    Long Term Agreements


    A lot of developers and homebuilders do not stay up to date with the latest legislation and no one thinks to tell them. Some enter into long term agreements innocently and genuinely think they are doing the best thing to save leaseholders money.

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    Wandsworth planning chair: “What’s next for Battersea”


    A new Chelsea stadium isn’t right for Battersea Power Station and Sir Terry Farrell’s proposals for the site are flawed. Councillor Nick Cuff on what makes the current Battersea scheme a great investment opportunity. Battersea Power Station’s latest scheme falling into administration this week has set people wondering: “what next ...