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  • Westfield London

    Having a good time - how the high street can beat the internet


    Retail continues to move inexorably towards on the one hand total convenience and on the other hand personal experience.

  • Dan Bayley

    Return of hedge funds pushes West End rents up 25%


    West End rents rose 25% in the last year, from £80 per sq ft to £100 per sq ft from Q2 2010 to Q2 2011, with a rise of 8.5% since Q1, thanks to the return of hedge funds to the market our Q2 figures have shown.

  • Blogs

    Mary Portas and the Chinese Democracy


    Few are surprised that having appointed one of Westfield's PR agencies - led by TV presenter Mary Portas - to 'review' the retail sector, that supermarket expansion is once again in the spotlight. While planners are clear that the planning system should not dictate who goes where is it ...

  • Blogs

    Office conversions aren't only threat to City


    Home conversions from old office blocks in the home counties may be rather sensible, but the City clearly has other ideas. However, there may be other more serious threats if businesses are forced to locate to other European cities.

  • Blogs

    Hunt shoots down Heritage, but localism is nowhere to be seen in Broadgate row


    Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt gave British Land the go-ahead today for its Broadgate redevelopment, but it's a worrying indictment of the Tories' localism agenda.

  • Richard Auterac

    Learning from the past?


    As the old saying goes, if you don’t learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it. Because the type of investment property that flows through auctions remains relatively constant, it is illuminating to look back over past boom-bust cycles, what messages came out of the auction sales during ...

  • Blogs

    A Tale of Two Conferences


    Two entirely different but equally thought-provoking conferences I recently attended provided some interesting contrasts. The first was the London Business School (LBS) Global Leadership Summit on innovation and entrepreneurship. The second (with which readers will be more familiar) was the annual British Property Federation Conference. The LBS event was ...

  • Falling out the charts

    HMV - We Can Work It Out


    Despite off-loading Waterstones, troubled record chain HMV is still on the rocks. With the outlook for record sales looking about as rosy as Cheryl Cole's talent show judging career right now, will the £240m bank bail out turn things around?

  • Blogs

    Obama, ash clouds and gale force winds in Ireland


    It is always great to visit Dublin, where I was last week. The only downside was the combined effects of President Obama’s revised travel plans, predicted Icelandic ash clouds and gale force winds combined to make travel arrangements as hazardous as some aspects of the Irish property market!

  • Blogs

    Wine Blog: Fine wines at Mr Wing


    I went to Old Trafford on Tuesday 12 April knowing that I had to leave the ground at least 10 minutes before the final whistle. I had agreed to meet an important client for dinner in Manchester city centre and could not be late. As Drogba scored for Chelsea, I ...

  • Caesar's Palace

    RECON Blog: Ballrooms, taxis and Caesar's


    First day at ICSC ReCon this year was Sunday, although the convention centre wasn’t open which was good as it made for a far more relaxing time meetings in hotels. Still certain landlords such as Simon and Macherich have taken up ballrooms at Ceasar’s to hold their meetings. They must ...

  • Blogs

    RECON Blog: Arriving in Las Vegas


    Landed in Las Vegas for 10th year, it hasn’t really changed much since I first came. The place is as big now as it was then, that’s what it’s about I guess….only thing that has changed is you get a few more of us Brits over hunting for US retailers ...

  • Blogs

    Can the Queen of Shops save Britain's high street?


    So this week we have the news that so called Queen of Shops Mary Portas has finally grabbed the ear of the Prime Minister David Cameron who wants a little advice on how local community stores can be saved from the onslaught of their bigger, more competitive national rivals.

  • Richard Walker - Summit Suit

    Everest Blog: Decision Time


    So after a very successful trip to the North Col and above, we slogged eight hours and 20 miles back down to Base Camp to join the rest of the team. It was great to be back together as one team and the others were full of anticipation watching the ...

  • Blogs

    There’s value in store


    The rise of “austerity retailing” is one of the most compelling themes for retailers, and property landlords. Last week, the bi-annual shopping centres survey from Trevor Wood Associates proved what many suspected – namely that value brands are filling the gaps in UK malls.

  • Richard Walker and Zandu, summit in background

    Everest Blog: Looking at the world from 7,020m


    The next morning the storm had disappeared and it was a beautiful clear day. From 7,020m the world looks amazing, and the views down to ABC and up to the summit of the world were crystal clear. The summit looked so close, and you could see the four day route ...

  • Richard Walker - Mask

    Everest Blog - I’m Turning Into Howard Hughes


    Well, we finally got to Advanced Base Camp (ABC). It is a two day trek ascending 1,200m over about 20km. At altitude that hurts a lot, and I was really surprised at how tough it was. The worst bit however is the ‘Interim Camp’ overnight stop. It’s horrible; ...

  • Richard Walker reaches the North Col

    Everest blog: The North Col


    So after sitting around at the unhealthy altitudes of ABC, it was time to make our attempt on the North Col. That is why we came to the mountain and there was no use putting it off any longer, as the trade-off between our bodies acclimatising and deteriorating was starting ...

  • Laura King

    Etiquette Blog: Advice ahead of the Royal Wedding


    With all eyes on the Royal Wedding next week, and as I’m off to my own a few days before, what better time to check up on your wedding etiquette: 1. Don’t wear white! No explanation required. 2. Remember - you are not supposed to be the ...

  • Bad Weather on Everest

    Everest Blog: High Altitude Mountaineering is a Test of Patience


    Don't think I'm heroically ploughing up some steep snowy slope, clinging on for life with gritted teeth. Oh no. I am in fact lying in my tent completely bored out of my rapidly shrinking, hypoxic brain. For the second day in a row.