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  • William and Kate

    Royal Wedding has serious style


    So, I have a girl crush, although it’s probably more accurately referred to as a Princess crush! Yes, I am intrigued and fascinated by Kate Middleton.

  • Drinking at Base Camp

    Everest Blog: No More Claret, But Lots More Altitude


    On Good Friday we finally left Base Camp, after a week of acclimatising. It felt good to be making progress up the mountain and taking a further step toward our goal of the North Col. But like the old bloke in ‘Shawshank Redemption’ who didn’t want to leave prison after ...

  • View on acclimatisation walk

    Everest Blog: Luxury living at high altitude


    We've been at Base Camp for five days now, and are redefining luxury at altitude! Our set up here is great, especially the food. Most evenings we will have hors d'oeuvres of Parma ham carved off the leg by Chris, the fantastic chef we brought with us, and ...

  • Fashion Spy

    Don't turn up to work like you got dressed in the dark!


    Spring is in the air – the afternoon light is lingering longer and the early morning sun is gently uplifting which provides no excuses for turning up to the office looking like you’ve just got dressed in the dark!! Spring bestows us with the opportunity to cast off the doldrums ...

  • Puja

    Everest Blog: The remaining kit gets blessed!


    So Tingri was worse than Nyalam; but I won't continue to slag off these places. They are just very remote, very cold and very dirty! The landscape quickly transformed into a barren and lunar like scene, as we are now up onto the Tibetan Plateau. Finally, three weeks into ...

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    Marathon Blog: Three hours, twenty-one minutes, twenty-nine seconds


    Three hours, twenty-one minutes, twenty-nine seconds. That is officially how long it took me to sweat, swear and stumble around 26.2 miles of London yesterday – and despite the intense stabbing pains in my knees, I couldn’t be more delighted.

  • Marathon Registration - The ExCel

    Marathon Blog: One sleep left...


    I should be terrified right now. What should be running through my mind is that I have not done enough training, I have not yet experienced the infamous "wall" and that my boozy lifestyle has not really abated. There is a very good chance I will not be running ...

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    Sir Simon Milton


    Yesterday, on a sunny and hot Monday afternoon I walked round New York’s Meatpacking district and recounted the time ten years ago when I enticed a rather reticent group to dine at Florent; one of the few shining beacons amongst the then edgy, dirty streets, only just on the cusp ...

  • 4400 metres with Dad

    Huge press coverage of our dramatic lorry crash


    There's been a surprising amount of press coverage about our dramatic lorry crash the other night. My favourite headline was "The Beer has all gone! But our wine is safe!"

  • Gyu

    I’m getting the pattern of this expedition malarkey now


    So I’m getting the pattern of this expedition malarkey now: wake up after a fitful night’s sleep of snow and thunderstorms; as the sun gets higher the inside of the tent starts to drip as the frozen condensation from the night begins to thaw – everything gets wet; have ...

  • Twitter Logo

    Etiquette Blog: Tweet-iquette


    With more and more of us entering the 21st century and joining the social media conversation it is important to know your etiquette. Here are some thoughts to get started:

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    Marathon Blog: Getting emotional - and the announcement of my big name pub quiz MC!


    Forgive me in advance but this is about to get emotional. Whilst I enjoy my football, beer and odd inappropriate comment about the fairer sex – I have to admit there is another side to my personality. It is the side that owns Pretty Woman on DVD and sometime ...

  • Danielle Lawrence

    Second term brings chance for sustainable focus


    We have now started the second term at London South Bank University Bank which introduces us to a more advanced level in our real estate study. This includes property investment appraisal, property development appraisal, corporate real estate management and landlord and tenant law and valuation.

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    Everest blog: Football in the foothills


    So here I am at 2,800m in a remote hill top village in the foothills of the Himalayas. We’ve just had a game of football with the local kids. We have been on our Nepali trek for three days. It is a 12 day route designed to get our bodies ...

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    Everest blog: Chaos at Kathmandu


    After a day of travelling we landed in Kathmandu – a massively overcrowded and chaotic city. “Kdu” is located in a valley and has seen its population explode in the last five years since the Maoists took over. It is city planning gone badly wrong, with dry stinking rivers, rubbish ...

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    An end of an era, but not an ethos


    It is 25 years to the day since the Greater London Council was abolished. It coincides with the last day of CABE in its current form and the abolition or change to other bodies.

  • Wembley England v Ghana

    Brent Council's noisy neighbour problem


    The England v Ghana friendly last night was the first time I have watched a match at Wembley – and what an entertaining and uplifting experience it was.

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    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: Championship Review


    Like any property professional, I’m looking for a return on investment. OK, with England it’s emotional rather than financial but I’m certainly interested in whether Johnno reckons he’s getting a decent yield from his assets or whether he has plans to reshape his portfolio heading into the World Cup. ...

  • This is how I will look post marathon

    Ointment, Cannes and how I nearly dropped out of the London marathon


    It was in my hotel in Cannes three weeks ago, as I was contorting myself into a position that Houdini would have been proud of whilst applying ointment to a medical condition that had rendered walking an agonising experience, that I thought I might not be able to take ...

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    Confidence flourishes in the second semester


    The second semester at London South Bank University Bank is now fully underway and we are being immersed into the world of real estate. Having received a firm grounding in the industry during the first semester, confidence among students is certainly flourishing. Modules such as land economics, valuations and law ...