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    Why landlords should be friends with Facebook


    If you’re one of Facebook’s 500 million users, chances are you’ve noticed ever-growing numbers of businesses who want you to “like” them. At first, only pop stars and film stars had fan pages on Facebook, but now all the major retail brands want to be your friend. From ...

  • Richard Walker takes to Everest

    Reckless and dangerous: Bywater Properties founder takes on Everest


    So I’ve got three days to go until I depart on the biggest and most reckless mission of my life. I bumped into Julian Stocks today (my former boss at JLL and now MD at Tishman Speyer)… “How’s business?” he asked. “Good” I said; “Except I’m climbing Everest for two ...

  • ‘At home in Japan: beyond the minimal house’.

    Global disasters need global teamwork


    Global disasters were already at the forefront of my mind last night as I made my way to the Geffrye Museum for the opening of its timely exhibition – ‘At home in Japan: beyond the minimal house’.

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    George's balancing act of growing a troubled economy


    The theory behind today’s Budget was a trade off between the Chancellor’s promised “Budget for growth” and the troubling backdrop of rising inflation, weakening tax revenues and flat economic output. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has revised its November forecast for economic growth from 2.1% for this ...

  • The King's Speech

    Economy question brought on King's Speech stutter


    In one recent interview when I was asked where the UK economy might be in 15 years’ time, my response was a stutter akin to Colin Firth’s performance in the film, The King’s Speech. Imagine being asked the same question in 1996: ‘Well, we’ll probably be recovering from the ...

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    Is George Osborne on the REIT track?


    The annual ’excitement’ of the Budget is looming but I dare say few of us envy Mr Osborne’s job next week. Apart from the obvious heckling and vegetable throwing the Chancellor will no doubt be ducking, we have another opportunity to see whether the Government has the plans and vision ...

  • Martin Johnson

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: big game, big prize


    Big game this one. Bigger than last week – and that was a big game. But, big though it is, the next competitive one will be bigger. That will be for the World Cup. Now that is big!

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    Read all about it.


    If nothing else, the arrest of the Tchenguiz brothers on the 9th of March illustrated just how deeply digital communication has become embedded in the property sector. One of my abiding memories of MIPIM 2011 will be the astonished conversations that morning, most of which seemed to start with the ...

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    After the shock, the MIPIM sympathy for the Tchenguiz brothers


    Following yesterday's dramatic news of their arrest - accompanied by plenty of 'I told you so remarks', people now seem to feel sorry for Robert and Vincent.

  • Tchenguiz

    MIPIM reacts to the Tchenguiz brothers' arrests


    It is amazing that news of the Tchenguiz brothers’ arrest broke during MIPIM week.

  • England

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: looking forwards, looking backwards


    Martin Johnson and Andy Robinson must feel like they are two men in parallel universes. The problem for Scotland is that, while Johnno is firmly looking forward, Robbo is desperately looking back.

  • wawles

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: step up, step on


    Bish, bash, bosh! From that first snap and drive in the scrum to Foden’s surge for the line, it was power play at its best and I loved it!

  • Chinese

    Wine buff looks East


    Chinese New Year 2011, the Year of the Rabbit, falls on 3 February this year; however, I decided to celebrate Chūn Jié early over lunch at Imperial China with two distinguished guests: Eddie Lee, Deputy Director General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office; and Daniel Widdicombe, CEO of ...

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    Warning: Google targets “low quality” websites.


    In the past week Google, the world’s favourite search engine, has made some “pretty big” changes to its search algorithm in a move targeting “low quality” websites and punishing them by reducing their search engine rankings.

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    Pawnbrokers: coming to a shopping centre near you


    The business of pawnbroking has been going on since the Thirteenth Century, but the current economic climate means the trade is finally throwing off its seedy image, and expanding like there’s no tomorrow. One of the few groups of high street retailers to have significant national expansion plans, two ...

  • Little Book of Tube Etiquette

    Etiquette Blog: If you're using the Tube have the decency to wash


    Every commuter using the tube will know that each journey is fraught with people behaving in the most unusual and, at times, frustrating ways. So, with the Olympics coming to town next year I’ve put together some tube etiquette rules that, if obeyed, will ensure everyone has ...

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    The only way is up?


    The age old debate over whether upwards only rent reviews are fair and whether they should be prohibited has taken an interesting turn in Ireland following the pledge by Fine Gael and Labour to retrospectively ban them if they win power this week.

  • Taggart

    Glasgow needs retail glitz, not Taggart grit


    I visited Glasgow recently. It is a city I think of as more true grit than elegant style. Perhaps it is a result of too much Taggart! That thought also goes for the retail offer. Whilst Glasgow is consistently ranked as the number 2 retail ...

  • Six Nations Trophy

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: talk is cheap, it’s actions that count


    Big game build ups tell you a lot about a side don’t they? With Saturday’s England v France game not only billed as the Grand Slam and Six Nations decider – but also all about who goes to New Zealand as Northern Hemisphere ‘Top Dogs’ – the pressure is ...

  • Wales finally fired up

    Rigby’s Rugby Ratings: tasty now and tastier yet to come!


    You have to love rugby don’t you? Three cracking games, three really interesting results, and now it’s two weeks until this already lip-smacking fayre will be spiced up even more!