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    How PBSA sector can meet demand


    Property Week and CRM recently brought together a panel of experts to discuss the impact of Covid, Brexit and other factors on the purpose-built student accommodation sector and what operators need to do to meet demand from international – and increasingly domestic – students.

  • CS freeths dec 21

    Is tech value for money?


    Property Week and Freeths brought together a panel of experts to discuss whether occupiers care about in-building technology, how to measure value for money and building valuations.

  • CS Green finance

    What is the future of green finance?


    Property Week speaks to Barclays head of real estate, London, Jessica Tomlinson about green finance, the availability of products, ‘green premiums’ and where the lending market is headed in the next few years.

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    How property can make an ESG impact


    At a Social Impact event hosted by Dentons, Property Week and Newcore Capital assembled a panel of speakers and industry experts to discuss ‘How to do the S in ESG’, shining a light on how companies can look past the bottom line to make a real social contribution to the ...

  • Tech

    Covid has helped the industry to become more tech savvy


    The pandemic enabled many businesses to identify where technology could be adopted to improve efficiency.

  • CS Yardi 10 dec

    Is the PBSA sector ready for a boom?


    Yardi assembled a panel of student accommodation experts to discuss the challenge of meeting the predicted increase in demand and what lessons they can learn from the build-to-rent sector.

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    A new era for the PBSA sector


    CRM Students’ motto as an operator of student halls is to put residents at the heart of everything. Its chief executive officer Richard Skeels tells Property Week the future of PBSA is set to change in the wake of the pandemic, which has shifted students’ priorities when seeking accommodation.

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    Logistics demand looks set to grow


    The findings of Property Week, Savills and Tritax Symmetry’s fifth annual Industrial and Logistics Census, in association with Analytiqa, demonstrate that lack of supply is one of the biggest challenges facing the sector.

  • High street s&w

    What can be done to save the high street?


    Experts from Smith & Williamson discuss how reforming business taxes, encouraging people back to town centres and allowing entrepreneurs to revitalise their local areas could help save the struggling high street.

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    What lies ahead for the later living sector?


    Property Week and Dentons brought together an expert panel from across the later-living sector to discuss the opportunities for growth and what is holding the sector back from expanding at the level other countries are.

  • CS Yardi panel of experts Nov 2021

    How the role of asset managers has evolved


    Property Week and Yardi brought together a panel of experts to discuss the changing role of asset management, the specific challenges the sector faces, how Covid has affected occupier expectations and how data and technology can be used to help overcome problems in the future.

  • Yardi Forge think tank Oct 2021

    How tech can ease office return fears


    Last month, Property Week and Forge, powered by Yardi, held a digital think tank titled ‘Back to work with confidence’, in which they discussed the role of technology in safely getting people back in the workplace.

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    Spotlight shines on the climate crisis


    Last week, heavyweights from across the property industry gathered at British Land’s 100 Liverpool Street to discuss how the sector could address the climate crisis.

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  • reforms

    Reforms could lead to poorer outcomes


    It is a time of great upheaval for the professional freeholder sector. The government is bringing forward dramatic reform of the leasehold/freehold model, with the sale of leasehold houses to be banned and ground rents on new leasehold apartments to be reduced to a peppercorn.

  • CS Insight Guide Sept 2021 cover index

    Insight Guide: understanding the leasehold sector


    Click here to read this Insight Guide

  • Eyvind Andresen

    Q&A with Eyvind Andresen, head of legal and portfolio services at HomeGround


    HomeGround’s head of legal and portfolio services on the health and safety obligations of freeholders.

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    Make sure your views are heard in our fifth annual Logistics Census


    For almost a decade now, the UK logistics sector has been undergoing a fundamental, structural change which has only been amplified by the current pandemic situation.

  • CS Freeths think tank July

    Who is the proptech leader: UK or US?


    In July, Property Week and Freeths hosted a digital think tank entitled ‘UK versus US property sector: who is the digital leader and who is the laggard?’ Leading figures in the proptech sector from both sides of the Atlantic discussed key differences between the two countries and the impact of ...

  • S&W panel

    Key issues facing the property sector


    With major changes to property taxes combining with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, Property Week – in association with Smith & Williamson – brought together a panel of experts to discuss the main challenges.