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    Green-belt narrative has to change


    Editor: In PMQs late last month, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer claimed that housebuilding had “collapsed” – a sentiment felt by many in our industry. Indeed, the target of 300,000 new homes a year has not come close to being reached over the last decade.

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    ​Grainger’s Helen Gordon on the importance of clarity


    With housing likely to be a key focus of any election campaign, there have been several positive signs recently that both sides understand that supply is the fundamental issue and a driver of the housing crisis, which is encouraging.

  • Construction

    BCIS’s Joe Martin on what is next for construction


    Are there any reasons for the construction industry to be optimistic? The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recently forecast that gross domestic product would not fall this year and would grow slowly over the next two years, buoyed by growth in world GDP.

  • Diversity

    Employers must stamp out bad habits to attract and retain diverse talent


    For many years, real estate recruiting with diversity and inclusion in mind was a tickbox exercise for many organisations.

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    An anti-business UK government


    Boris Johnson infamously gave his thoughts on what he thought of business, something that would not generally be appropriate to the decent minds of the British property sector, but let’s just say ‘eff it’. Some Tory ministers sought to smooth over the matter but for many, rightly, it was a ...

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    Align climate goals with health


    As record-breaking heatwaves spread across southern Europe, we are confronted with the stark reminder that the effects of climate change are no longer far-flung, but are already upon us. 

  • M&S

    M&S lesson: don’t diss retrofit


    Michael Gove’s decision last week to throw out plans to redevelop the M&S flagship building on Oxford Street must have been particularly galling for the retailer, given that the secretary of state seems to have prioritised protecting the visual impact of the Selfridges store next door.

  • climate

    Property taxes mean it’s not so easy for buildings to be green


    Two years ago, in a well-publicised disagreement with Kermit the Frog, then prime minister Boris Johnson told the United Nations General Assembly in New York “it’s easy to go green”.

  • Geeta Nanda

    ​MTVH’s Geeta Nanda on lessons to be learnt from Windrush


    On the 75th anniversary of the Windrush generation’s arrival, their experiences are a cause for celebration while raising serious questions about housing today.

  • Net zero

    Financial disclosure: misleading signs on the road to net zero


    It is widely recognised that the real estate industry is a major contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions. If we are to reach net zero by 2050 – as called for in the 2015 Paris Agreement – the industry requires clear and effective regulation now more than ever.

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    The good ship RICS isn’t about to sink


    “There is no such thing as the BBC,” wrote Times columnist Matthew Parris a fair while back, defending ‘Auntie’ from periodic attack. A reminder to those who periodically assault RICS. There’s no corporeal substance into which a knife can be plunged, just a bodiless spirit.

  • Jennet Siebrits

    CBRE’s Jen Siebrits on taking stock at the halfway point


    It’s hard to believe we are already half way through 2023. It feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year and taking down the Christmas decorations and yet here we are at the summer holidays.

  • Ros Morgan new

    Heart of London’s Ros Morgan on making public spaces more secure


    One of the UK’s biggest theatre operators, Trafalgar Entertainment, recently fitted senior staff in its venues with bodycams, revealing the increasing reliance that is being placed on security staff to manage disruptive audience members, as businesses in the cultural sector attempt to tackle a rise in antisocial behaviour.

  • Ruby and Pauline

    Withers’ Pauline Page and Ruby Dalal on driving equality and diversity in real estate


    We have been working as legal advisers in the real estate and construction industries for nearly two decades and, despite the substantial inroads that women have made during this time, they are still male-dominated sectors.

  • Technology

    Locale’s Rob Maxwell on ensuring you have the right tech to keep your building safe


    Feeling safe whether you are in your own home, in your place of work or in a care home or hospital should never be in question.

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    It’s time to think beyond ownership


    Editor: A recent report by the Centre for Cities found the UK housing market was missing 4.3 million homes. Against this supply backdrop, buying a place to live is now beyond the reach of many people. 

  • Jubillee Line train to Stratford shutterstock_1783311188 JessicaGirvan

    Treasury creates false economy


    There’s a very splendid brass plate on the door of 10 Downing Street, but it doesn’t say ‘Office of the Prime Minister’. 

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    Prioritising sustainability


    The Covid-19 pandemic catalysed investment into the logistics market following the unexpected spike in demand from ecommerce and third-party logistics occupiers. 

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    Dig into the data for I&L sector success


    The past few years have been tumultuous for the industrial and logistics (I&L) market. Despite 2020 being the worst year for the UK economy in more than three centuries, the I&L market flourished due to a combination of increased reliance on online shopping and demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).

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    Tackling the UK’s warehousing shortage


    The current warehousing shortage across London and the South East is causing unnecessary delays along the supply chain and holding back much-needed growth across the British economy. While the shortage is causing headaches for businesses of all sizes across Britain, the issue is by no means a new one.