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  • Aint nothing going up but the rent poster shutterstock_333834479 HipKat PW090922

    Will rent cap prove anti-social?


    The road to housing hell is paved with government good intentions. The latest example is the thoroughly laudable aim of sheltering social housing tenants from double-digit rental inflation. The problem is that might stop development of affordable housing in its tracks. 

  • Houses of Parliament

    Government must address plight of private renters


    Editor: It was disappointing to see so little substance from the Conservative leadership hopefuls on a group being hardest hit by cost of living pressures: renters.

  • Remote working

    It’s time we rethink our working environments


    The landscape of workspace design has rarely undergone such a rapid, seismic shift as it has in the past couple of years. The workplace is no longer simply a place to work. It has shifted to an infrastructure for building social capital and fostering a sense of purpose and belonging. ...

  • MEES main graphic

    New MEES targets would require double the pace of commercial property refurbishment


    Following consultation, in 2021 the government confirmed its intention to raise the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) for non-domestic buildings to EPC ‘B’ or above by 2030.

  • Stocks

    Values can only be measured with movement in real rates


    It wasn’t long ago that there was just one broadly consistent and, hopefully, true version of the news. Whether received via newspaper, radio, television or the internet in its infancy, we consumed roughly the same news stories as our neighbours, friends and colleagues.

  • Oxford St Christmas lights shutterstock_1857242785 DaisyCooil PW090922

    London streets to feel the freeze


    As a Londoner concerned for the future of our wonderful city, I leapt at the chance to interview local government expert Professor Tony Travers for my podcast. 

  • Working from home

    Post-pandemic office transformation – how to invest now in real estate


    Ever since the start of the pandemic and the rise of the work-from-home movement, investors have pondered the future of the office asset class.

  • Central London

    What London needs from the next PM


    The new prime minister is arriving to one of the most daunting in-trays within living political memory. One of the most difficult balancing acts will be about how to intervene to get through the current crisis while also sowing the foundations for long-term, sustainable growth. London could provide an answer.

  • Ballot box

    The Conservatives under Truss will lose the red wall


    With Truss’s accession to prime minister, the political future of England’s red wall is perilously close to toppling. Starmer and the Labour Party now have, ironically, a golden opportunity to become the party of levelling up and to deliver to the Midlands and the north what the Conservatives had originally ...

  • ESG

    ​Why ESG and why now? The role of commercial real estate


    While this summer’s weather has provided the opportunity to increase our vitamin D levels, it has also highlighted the challenges we are going to face as a nation in a changing climate – challenges such as fires, drought and flooding. 

  • Houses

    Turn up the volume for longer life


    The design dilemmas and challenges facing clients and architects increase by the day. Even quite modest proposals require, as part of planning applications, analysis of carbon and fire implications that planners are not trained to pass judgement on. Hence the rise of niche specialists in the planning process, commenting on ...

  • Masked office workers

    Hygiene gripes can put workers off office return


    Editor: Remit Consulting’s Return Report points to a positive trend of workers returning to the office; and since it was released, the hybrid forms of work it identifies have accelerated, with the level of employees working exclusively from home falling in the last two months from 22% to 14%.

  • Upton Gardens

    Adapt forgotten buildings into homes


    Editor: In the face of increasing pressure to build housing, many towns and cities are considering demolishing historic buildings. There is a scarcity of ‘obvious’ construction sites left, so many are now looking to brownfield or even green-belt sites.

  • Cryptocurrency

    Lifecycle is just beginning for cryptocurrency


    There is much talk in the media right now about cryptocurrency, some of it more negative than positive. I’ve written articles on how cryptocurrency will be a force for needed change in the hospitality industry, and how it has the potential to influence numerous markets, no matter how big or ...

  • House for rent

    The build-to-rent revolution is only just beginning


    Within a decade, the UK population is forecast to grow by 1.8 million people - a 2.7% increase. Meanwhile, the size of the average household is declining, and there remains a meaningful structural undersupply of affordable homes. Without rapid action from private investors, the UK’s housing crisis could worsen significantly ...

  • Building safety checks

    Buildings must be fit for future


    Future-proofing the buildings we design to promote longevity requires an in-built adaptability that simply isn’t compatible with the systems we’re accustomed to today. 

  • TwentyTwo Bishopsgate

    We’ve been turned upside down


    The past few years have turned the world on its head. The pandemic caused the global economy to shrink, with volatile markets and soaring inflation levels only adding to the struggles.

  • the centre margate 3

    Bringing high streets back to life


    Can our local and regional shopping centres thrive again? The closure of many high street names over the past few years has changed the look and feel of many shopping centres and streets, leading to a depleted offering – and plummeting footfall.

  • West end

    West End requires urgent action


    A thriving London is good for the rest of the UK, and the West End should be at the very heart of the nation’s economic recovery. But as London gets back to business, recruitment has become an existential issue facing the West End’s hospitality sector.

  • Proptech

    How proptech can bolster your property’s ESG credentials


    As the need to demonstrate ESG principles rapidly grows in the property sector, so too does the role of digital technology.