By Dean Clifford, co-founder, Great Marlborough Estates

Dean Clifford Great Marlborough

While the elevation of housing to Cabinet status is proactive and shows housing is a priority for the government, there is a need for continuity, with excessive change threatening the momentum gained so far.

Under Sajid Javid and Alok Sharma, the Conservative government has made positive moves in the housing sector.

The delivery of much-needed homes is a work in progress but December’s Planning Delivery Fund will provide £25m for innovatively designed homes, alongside another £3m to fund 14 garden villages.

Dominic raab

New minister Dominic Raab is the 16th appointment in housing in the past 20 years

This approach has shown that delivering housing and a fair deal for those involved is at the heart of the political push for change. However, this impetus must be built on solid foundations and a constant shuffle in personnel will make it difficult to maintain this. It adds cost and confusion at a time when we need stability to provide well-designed homes for all.

While there is still work to be done, a lot of progress has also been made over the past few months across all tenures. If Dominic Raab, a rising star of the Tory party, can get up to scratch quickly, progress can resume soon enough. The next housing minister must be given adequate time to tackle the housing crisis.

Housing is a long-term game that requires a long-term minister behind it.