The Conservative manifesto promised to ‘fix’ the dysfunctional housing market so that there are affordable and secure houses for all, and the new housing minister Alok Sharma has to follow through on this pledge

Alok Sharma housing minister

The target to build one million homes by 2020 plus a further 500,000 by the end of 2022 simply must stand rather than be subject to further review as is so often the case when new ministers take office. This means building enough homes to meet demand, which in turn lowers housing costs so that ordinary, working families can afford to buy a home and rental costs are reduced.

The focus of the white paper was on building sustainable, affordable and quality houses to help reverse generations of insufficient construction. The paper also made it clear that the planning and housebuilding processes need to be simplified if the country’s annual production of homes is to rise.

It’s essential that the uncertainty caused by a hung parliament and a new team in government do not throw these plans into doubt. For the prosperity of the market and the good of the country, it’s crucial that these aspects continue as planned.

William Wells, residential sales director, Mullucks Wells