The second semester at London South Bank University Bank is now fully underway and we are being immersed into the world of real estate. 

Having received a firm grounding in the industry during the first semester, confidence among students is certainly flourishing.

Modules such as land economics, valuations and law for property professionals have introduced us to key aspects of the industry and provided us with knowledge to take into job interviews.

Having completed these modules we are now studying other elements of property such as property investment appraisal, development appraisal and corporate real estate management as well as making the initial preparation for our dissertation topics.

The great thing about studying real estate at London South Bank University Bank is the hands-on experience.

The course is designed to give students a rounded understanding of the work of a chartered surveyor.

As well as our written pieces of coursework and examinations we are regularly expected to prepare presentations which prepare us for the interactive and persuasive element of the business.

Having done a non-cognate undergraduate degree I feel that my technical understanding of the property world is developing quickly and I am increasingly excited about pursuing it as a career.