By Emanuela Barbiroglio

Christmas figures reflect positive end to a turbulent year

The latest CACI report shows a generally optimistic view of the financial trend across the UK with 9% more of the population believing their finances will get better in the next three months.

Commenting on the BPS Shopper Confidence Tracker, CACI consultant Paul Langston said: “We have ended, what was a turbulent year in terms of economics and politics still in a very positive place in the context of the long-term picture.

“Despite the pre-referendum fears we are still in a way better place than we were in the period before the post-recession recovery took hold in 2014.”

Compared to the October figures, December was marked by a complete flat-lining of headline confidence which remains 8.7%. While this is three percentage points down on December 2015, the good news is that there was no further drop.

CACI analysed how different consumer groups are behaving through the 'Acorn segments'. Based on the typical outcome of the referendum vote held last June, they concluded that those most in favor of leaving the EU - such as 'comfortable communities' - are among those showing the least economic confidence.

Langston added that this may well be due to the fact that consumers still have very little idea of what Brexit is going to actually mean for them and their personal finances.

Meyer Bergman also compiled data on Broadway Bradford's Christmas performance illustrating the recovery in footfall from the market.

“The Christmas performance at Broadway Bradford has been exceptional, with large increases in visitors to the centre when compared to last year,” says Renee Moran, asset manager and vice president at Meyer Bergman.

“We have also received a hugely positive response from our retailers following the festive period, as footfall and sales were boosted by events such as the Reindeer Rock Party and late night shopping at the centre.”