Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke is chief executive at Revo

  • Glasgow Fort

    More than meets the eye with festive retail figures


    It is generally recognised that the retail industry today is facing greater challenges than ever before, as the sector evolves to the rapidly changing consumer landscape.

  • Crescent shopping centre, Hinckley

    Physical stores still have a role to play in retail


    Revo’s latest report, Tomorrow’s World: Retail on the Line, and headlines such as ‘TK Maxx moves to Oxford Street’ corroborate our view that, although the nature of retailing and the use of physical space as part of a retailer’s business model are undoubtedly changing, shops are still critical to commercial ...

  • Mapic Revo

    Mapic 2016: a ‘mood of opportunity’


    Against a backdrop of solid retail property company results, the mood amongst UK delegates at MAPIC is one of opportunity rather than optimism.

  • CMYK Skelmersdale High St C

    New councils must step-up on regen and high streets


    As the voice of the retail property industry and on behalf of our 2,500 members, the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) calls on newly elected councillors to use their new leadership positions to collaborate with private sector investors and developers to drive city and town centre regeneration schemes and ...