Having initially launched as a networking organisation in early 2018, BAME in Property from mid-2020 evolved into a limited company to offer a range of services including more events, corporate membership packages, a jobs board, consultancy, lunch & learns and workshops, community engagement strategies, as well as support on industry campaigns in the media and beyond.

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Individuals can signing up to a mailing list to receive the latest news, updates and event information. https://www.bameinproperty.com/membership

Corporate members can receive tailored advice and guidance and have the chance to participate in industry-wide roundtables with other partners to exchange knowledge and ideas. Corporate Partners also get early access to event tickets. https://www.bameinproperty.com/membership

Speakers can sign up to the speaker network here: https://www.bameinproperty.com/speaker-network

For free resources and guidance visit the BAME in Property website: https://www.bameinproperty.com/insights