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  • Japanese Knotweed

    ​RICS guidance on Japanese knotweed is welcome news for surveyors


    RICS has just released its long-awaited guidance for surveyors on Japanese knotweed, with the apparent intention to limit the effect it has on the property market.

  • Shopping centre

    Regional hubs show how retail can reinvent itself


    We know retail has to mix it up, but it does not have to reinvent the wheel. There are regional cities creating successful retail hubs that we can learn from. In various suburbs, clusters of independent retailers are performing well.

  • 2021.07.29_Grainger_0298

    Separating home from the office


    It has been great to see the streets of London so much busier in recent weeks. Life is returning to the city’s office hubs and a more ‘normal’ way of working life is materialising.

  • Worried old lady with gas bill shutterstock_1347745217 Solarisys PW250322

    We must tackle the fuel poverty crisis


    The importance of good-quality, affordable and well-insulated homes has never been more hotly debated, for residents of affordable housing as well as private owners. When Countryside is in discussion with its partners about their ambitions for estate regeneration, they will say warm, affordable homes are a top priority.

  • Sadiq in a hat 2016

    Sadiq Khan must open door to builders


    London mayor Sadiq Khan would rather sup with the devil than a developer, even though the latter might be able to help with a looming political liability: namely broken promises on affordable housing delivery.

  • IoT concept

    How will metaverse affect CRE?


    June 1992: American writer Neal Stephenson publishes Snow Crash, a dystopian novel in which the term ‘metaverse’ is coined. Fast-forward 30 years and here we are, watching the metaverse erupt out of the imagination and evolve into a real-world concept.

  • Cafe closed Covid sign

    Two years on from the first lockdown, what have we learned?


    Today marks the anniversary of Britain going into the first lockdown in 2020. It will also be our second National Day of Reflection. 

  • Housing generic

    ​How to achieve affordable housing targets


    Much has been said and written about the planning system needing widespread reforms, even more so as we await the next iteration of the NPPF.

  • Cannes_shutterstock_1396732994_cred saiko3p

    ​London – the view from Mipim


    After a pandemic-induced hiatus, it was a welcome return to Mipim last week, where more than 20,000 attendees tackled some of the big issues for the property, real estate and corporate sectors.

  • Mipim 2019

    ​Lessons learned in two decades of Mipims


    This is my 20th Mipim and it may be my last. Provence is still as beautiful: sunlit lavender bays and hypnotic azure sky. But everything else has changed. When I first saw the Croisette, my eldest son was in a baby-grow and I could cradle him in one arm. 

  • Rental contract

    ​What next as restrictions on landlord remedies are lifted?


    The much-anticipated Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill is progressing through the final stages of the legislative process and is expected to be enacted by the end of March.

  • LG Science Park (12)

    ​Why business and science parks will thrive in a post-pandemic world


    Changing workplace requirements has reignited interest in business and science parks. As the property manager of 25 science and business parks across the UK, MAPP is well-placed to provide a compelling argument for why they will thrive.

  • Mobile connectivity

    ​What are the commercial models for indoor mobile coverage?


    While the drive for sustainability in commercial real estate is good news for the planet, it is bad news for indoor mobile signal. 

  • Solar panels

    It’s time to get radical on net zero


    The target of reaching net zero by 2050 requires each and every one of us to rise to the occasion, make commitments and challenge ourselves.

  • Putin-shutterstock_2131360371-Photographer-RM-PW180322

    A Russian threat on the home front


    “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson’s famous quip has a chilling resonance for a world plotting a recovery from a global pandemic – but now facing off an infinitely nastier brute.

  • Working from home

    Flexibility rules in the rented sector


    Like all real estate types, the beds-for-rent sector has seen accelerated change in the past two years. Whether it is PBSA, BTR or co-living, the focus has shifted to more adaptable and functional space, underpinned by technology, customer-focused service and genuine differentiation.

  • Investment

    Investor confidence is on the rise


    Investor confidence throughout Covid and Brexit has swung radically between despair and hope. Covid rocked the foundations of our built environment, economy and businesses, causing significant variation between performance in industries and investment types.

  • Energy efficiency

    Service charge issue here to stay


    Despite the initial hopes of policymakers and politicians that a resurgence in inflation would be a temporary phenomenon, it is becoming clear that the likelihood of a widespread cost-of-living crisis is gathering pace.

  • Rishi Sunak Budget day 2021

    ​Will the chancellor have any tricks up his sleeve to boost housing supply this year?


    Last year’s Spring Budget was no doubt one of the most significant budgets for the UK property market in recent history. Many consider last year’s stamp duty cut to be the key factor behind the nearly £30,000 increase in average house prices over the past 12 months.

  • High street

    Time is ripe for reinvention and revival of UK high streets


    London Fashion Week returned last month after a pandemic-led hiatus, bringing confidence and international interest back to the capital. But despite the buzz surrounding the festival, hailed as a contributing factor in London’s recovery, physical high streets are showcasing a different consumerism tale in the ‘fashion capital of the world’.