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  • Warehouse

    Has the demand for industrial peaked?


    Having been the darling of real estate over the past few years, the industrial sector has started to lose its shine somewhat of late. Sentiment has become more muted and transaction volumes have dipped as the prolonged strong yield compression has finally started to abate and rental growth has taken ...

  • Financial Investment

    Are some lenders living on borrowed time?


    We are facing an unprecedented period of political and economic uncertainty with mounting confusion over Brexit and an increasingly volatile global market.

  • Climate change

    Our house is on fire – why we must start acting differently today


    The climate is in crisis. With the built environment responsible for 40% of total UK carbon emissions, it is vital that the property industry plays a leading role in making the move to net-zero-carbon mainstream.

  • Boris Johnson

    Will PM inject new life into north?


    It has been just over five years since George Osborne first coined the term ‘northern powerhouse’ to describe his vision to unite the cities of the north and inject new investment to help regenerate the region.

  • Climate change

    Time to wake up to climate crisis


    Today’s Global Climate Strike is a wake-up call for everyone. “Our house is on fire – let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone,” is the call to arms by the strike’s organisers.

  • Proptech

    Let’s get on top of the data detail


    By miscommunicating its scale and availability, proptech is doing the property industry a disservice. The root of this problem is found in its approach to data.

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring can be of huge benefit


    Throughout their careers, most people will have received some level of career advice, be it from a manager, a friend, a parent or a colleague.

  • High street

    Our high streets can be saved yet


    The challenges facing our high streets are well known. Brexit, squeezed incomes, business rates, major retail failures, online retail, unseasonably cold weather – the list goes on.

  • Solar panels

    Green tech innovators required


    Intense wildfires in the Amazon, Siberia and Alaska are a stark reminder of the threat to our natural environment.

  • Digital technology property

    Change is something to embrace


    This year’s Trailblazers entries are a testament to a sector that is getting more and more comfortable with new ideas and new ways of doing things.

  • Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson

    Get this Brexit mess over with


    Honestly? I haven’t a clue. I can’t think of anything else to say to the steady stream of enquirers including several MP friends who ask: what on earth is going on in our politics and more to the point where is it all going to lead?

  • The Pro-Bono Challenge logo

    It’s time to showcase good work


    Newcore Capital and Property Week are launching The Pro Bono Challenge at RESI this month.

  • Building house

    Stop building castles in the air


    There is a housing crisis. More homes are needed. Private developers build 85% of all new homes. They complain of planning red tape and land shortages. Red tape must be cut and more land zoned for housing. Developers will then build more homes, won’t they? No.

  • Moda - Broad Street Frontage

    Resi rises to Malthouse challenge


    As we count down to RESI 2019, it’s useful to reflect that a lot can happen in housing in a year.

  • Investment

    The struggle for funding is real


    Securing finance is consistently listed as one of the biggest challenges facing SME developers, especially when they are new to the development game.

  • Construction cranes

    Partnering for a productive future


    Now is a crucial time for the housebuilding industry. Housing is a top domestic priority for the government, which has set clear targets to significantly increase the supply of new homes.

  • London houses

    What we’ve learnt about shared ownership


    I was pleased to see housing minister Robert Jenrick’s recent announcement of a review of shared ownership with a view to widening home ownership, particularly for younger people.

  • Old people

    How tech can benefit later-lifers


    Following the success of our first hackathon in 2017, we’re pleased to be supporting the 2019 #RESIHackathon, which will focus on providing state-of-the-art tech solutions to the elderly through innovation in residential design – a need that is often overlooked in the later-life industry.

  • Closed down shop

    CPOs: a four-point mini manifesto


    Compulsory purchase orders are “as close as the property industry gets to an authoritarian state”, according to a widely respected contact in the residential sector, who is no stranger to CPOs. My view: they should be used sparingly. But they should be used.

  • Workspace

    Experience is key in the workplace


    If your people are your company’s greatest asset, how can you help them thrive?