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  • Ireland

    Long may the green wave continue


    A green wave has rippled throughout Europe over the past 12 months. This shift towards an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism has had a particularly strong impact in Ireland.

  • Guild Living Bath

    Let’s bring generations together


    Costing $90m to create and returning more than $200m, the film 1917 is an award-winning performance that many in the real estate industry would happily replicate.

  • To let signs

    Rent Control will not provide more affordable homes


    Multifamily build-to-rent (BTR) is likely to remain resilient to the Covid-19 outbreak due to its institutionally funded investment character and stable, long-term income profile.

  • Cath Kidston

    This is a re-set moment for creating value in retail property


    Take a moment to look at the havoc wrought in the past few weeks: Debenhams, Carluccio’s, Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston and more have all entered administration or are about to; £7.7bn has been lost in market capitalisation from the top four UK retail REITs; 66% of March’s rent was unpaid; ...

  • Science lab

    How Covid-19 is affecting the labs and life science firms combatting the outbreak


    The life science sector has received increased attention from real estate investors and developers recently, with new entrants to the UK market joining a handful of rapidly expanding established players.

  • London

    Covid-19’s long-term impact on sustainability performance


    March is a peak reporting period for sustainability teams – at this time of year teams across the globe collate and validate 2019 sustainability performance data from investor and occupier real estate portfolios and crunch it into the formats required for reporting to organisations like GRESB and CDP who benchmark ...

  • Investment generic

    Coronavirus: Options and Opportunities for Hotel Owners


    The numbers alone are enough to cause a fever. For the hospitality industry, COVID-19’s symptoms include single-digit to zero occupancy rates, plummeting revpar and forced closures, and many businesses in the industry will struggle to survive.  

  • Covid-19

    Covid-19 pandemic poses the ultimate arbitrage


    We are living through the most devastating period in modern history. The damage caused to our economy and society by the 2008 financial crash pales into insignificance by comparison. 

  • Working from home

    Why we believe remote working is the future


    We’ve been a fully remote company since we started in 2012, aside from a short-lived office ‘experiment’ in 2014. 

  • Commercial building

    When rent forfeiture is not an option


    The Coronavirus Act 2020 contains a three-month moratorium on landlords’ ability to forfeit leases of commercial property on the basis of non-payment of rent or other sums.

  • Coronavirus/working from home/facetime

    Propertyshe perspectives: Zoom, a podcast with Thomas Heatherwick CBE and a campaign to save our start-ups


    With an incredible 50% of the world now in lockdown, we are getting into the routine of working from home.

  • NHS building

    How UK construction is stepping up to the plate in Covid-19 war


    While the construction industry comes under fire for allowing building sites to continue to operate during this unprecedented period in UK history, Roger Pulham, Gleeds’ head of health and care, looks at how the sector could in fact play a key role in propping up the NHS if utilised effectively. ...

  • Wellbeing

    Why wellness and wellbeing must be top of business agenda


    This is undoubtedly the most uncertain time that many of us have faced in our careers, or in fact our lives, but alongside this uncertainty, I truly believe, comes plenty of opportunity.

  • Older couple on laptop

    Why hearts and minds matter


    The hospitality sector is at war with Covid-19, which is fundamentally changing the way the world works. Though closures might only last a matter of weeks, the impact will be lasting, and in times like these, leaders talk about hearts and minds.

  • Coronavirus supermarket

    The supermarkets’ finest hour


    The new decade started with worrying tensions between Iran and the US, which forced crude oil prices to spike to more than $70 a barrel.

  • Climate change

    Climate crisis ‘brand’ must change


    Jeff Goldblum’s character in the film Jurassic Park delivers a line that is both profound and now a classic internet meme.

  • Old people

    Design is key in later-living sector


    My grandmother always told me that “until you’re 80, nothing changes, but after that your knees start to be sore when you get out of bed”. 

  • Coronavirus/working from home/facetime

    CRS and kindness


    Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK, government guidelines have become ever more stringent, with the country now being on effective lockdown with all but essential shops and services being closed and social distancing taking hold.

  • Empty construction site

    The cash preservation society


    “Cash is king.” Never has that well-worn business maxim been more imperative than now, as the country locks down in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • Diversity

    We must give back to get heard


    The general public has a poor perception of the property industry (27% favourability, according to a British Property Federation/Populus survey) and the government is not prioritising us.