As the reality of the UK’s decision to leave the EU has begun to sink in, so too has its potential impact on the property market.

Brexit and beyond

Some thought London would fare worse than the regions, particularly its office market - surely firms that had chosen the capital for their global headquarters would jump ship and seek solace in EU-friendly countries on the continent?

Not so. London hosts 40% of the European headquarters of the world’s top companies and so far the stalwarts appear to be staying put.

Indeed, research by the CBI and CBRE found that 41% of the 186 London-based firms surveyed post referendum intend to maintain their investment, while one in 10 plans to increase it.

Deals are being done. And it is a cautiously optimistic story for the retail, residential and hotel sectors too.

We explore the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum and assess how the capital’s most important property sectors are shaping up: