The housing market is going through a period of rapid change. Build-to-rent, proptech and modular construction are just some of the things that are transforming the way the industry operates.

So what better subject for a Twitter debate ahead of this year’s RESI Convention than ‘reimagining the housing market’?

@PropertyWeek teamed up with @Savills under the hashtag #RESIdebate, more than 40 industry figures posed their questions to Savills’ director of residential research Lucian Cook and associate director Lawrence Bowles. The topics ranged far and wide, from stamp duty to modular homes.

The debate, which took place last week, clearly resonated with the industry, generating two million impressions from 200 tweets. Kicking off only minutes after the Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to keep interest rates unchanged, the first question was on the possible market consequences of a rise in the autumn.

Bowles predicted an increase by the end of 2018 with mortgage rates to follow. “With stress testing, that’s going to make access to mortgage finance more difficult over the coming years,” he added. Muir Baxter of GigaLiving pitched in to suggest that BTR would benefit as a result.

Service levels in the BTR market also came under scrutiny, with Telford Homes chief executive Jon Di-Stefano saying: “Over time tenants will surely choose onsite landlords, better service, better amenities, a longer lease if desired and more security in that lease.”

There was consensus that the government had a key role to play in any successful reimagining of the housing market. Cook said: “Much depends on government policy and how successful it is at bringing SMEs and housing associations into the game. The Letwin Review is a sign that the government wants more of a return on its £44bn at a time when the big boys [major housebuilders] are developing as much as they did pre-crunch.”

Here are some of the highlights of the #RESIdebate to whet your appetite. For more of the same – plus expert commentary on many of the industry’s other burning questions – make sure to book your place for the all-new RESI Convention this September.