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  • High street

    Industry must do more to help retail


    Editor: The extension to business rates relief, a VAT freeze and restart grants provide much-needed respite for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.

  • Rishi Sunak

    Where was boost to housing supply?


    Editor: Unsurprisingly, the housing market featured heavily in Rishi Sunak’s Spring Budget as he laid out the UK’s Covid-19 response . 

  • Construction building frame

    Safety comes first for timber industry


    Editor: Your article ‘ How easy is it for developers to insure timber-framed buildings? ’ made substantial claims, but with no evidence to back them up. Arguably, the points made challenge the quality of construction, not the material.

  • Climate change 1

    Real estate rises to climate challenge


    Editor: I read with interest your recent Property Week article on the Climate Crisis Action Plan and the need to measure individual buildings’ energy performance in use .

  • Business rates

    Abolish broken business rates system


    Editor: There has been much discussion in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector about business rates recently, including a number of articles in  Property Week .

  • Empty high street_credit_shutterstock_zjtmath_1734215396

    Variety will be spice of high street life


    Editor: Liz Hamson’s ‘Reset or RIP for retail?’ leader  is a stark reminder of the fight for survival that is raging on. Trying to find optimism, this may be a once- in-a-lifetime chance to press reset and totally rethink the way these places and assets work.

  • JD Sports

    Stop big retailers gaming the system


    Editor: It has been possible for large high street chains such as Boots, H M, and JD Sports to take advantage and avoid paying rent for as long as possible, regardless of whether they could do so, given their apparent financial strength.

  • Burton

    It’s time to reimagine the high street


    Editor: This week, we have seen shocking new figures that outline the vast amount of empty retail space on the market due to Debenhams’ and Arcadia’s collapses .

  • Investment generic

    Stamp duty cut would stop offshoring


    Editor: The fact that local authorities have purchased commercial property through offshore vehicles should come as no surprise, and it is difficult to understand why they should be criticised for using perfectly legal means to reduce their purchasing costs, whatever their source of finance .

  • Amazon delivery

    How to ease burden of business rates


    Editor: It came as no surprise to learn that Treasury officials are weighing up plans for an online sales tax to rebalance the scales between booming online businesses and struggling high street retailers.

  • City Hall, London

    Lessons to learn from London Plan


    Editor: We can all be pleased that the London Plan has been signed off. We now have a clear plan that all of London can work to.

  • Retail

    A flexible solution to the retail crisis


    Editor: Retail landlords are at the centre of a crisis on our high streets with growing customer preference for online shopping accelerated by repeated lockdowns. There could be further trouble ahead with the end to the eviction ban and reintroduction of business rates this spring.

  • Old people

    Retirement living sector must evolve


    Editor: The Department of Health and Social Care’s report on how ‘housing with care’ can help alleviate pressure on the NHS and provide quality care for older people further demonstrates the government’s growing support for the retirement communities sector.

  • Aluminium cladding

    ‘There is no NHS for construction’


    Editor: Ever since the Grenfell tragedy and especially of late, both traditional and social media have rightly been full of demands for action .

  • generic asset management

    Let tax reform foot the bill for Covid


    Editor: Several suggestions are being made as to how we can pay the £400bn bill for the pandemic, such as the imposition of a wealth tax, a raid on pension funds, or withdrawal of tax relief on ISAs. I think none of these are appropriate or politically acceptable.

  • Students in masks

    PBSA sector needs government help


    Editor: With students across the UK having been hit hard financially by the pandemic as they pay for unused student accommodation, the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector also finds itself disrupted by financial turmoil as it tries to resolve the issue without support from the government (‘ Unite offers students ...

  • Shuttered shop

    Chancellor must extend rates holiday


    Editor: Since March 2020, the financial support offered to retail and leisure businesses by the government has been commendable. Only last week, the chancellor offered further grants on top of the monthly £3,000 grants offered back in November .

  • PBSA

    PBSA remains resilient despite Brexit


    Editor: There are no signs that Brexit will negatively impact international student figures .

  • Brexit

    With the Brexit deal done, prospects are looking up


    Editor: When faced with uncertainty, there is a tendency for people to focus on worst-case scenarios. This has certainly been the case when discussing Brexit.

  • Workspace

    Time to join up the dots for flexspace


    Editor: Flexible workspaces aren’t just offices, they’re hospitality hubs, too. Jonathan Goldstein’s ‘Room Service’ comment  on the trials and tribulations of hotel brand loyalty opens up a debate as to what this might mean for the flexible workspace industry.